Easy way to fill Smartfren MiFi Internet Package Quota

How to top up the Mifi Smartfren Internet package quota ? Smartfren users are now increasing since their service is quite satisfying for internet services.

Strong network and internet package prices that can be said to be inexpensive because they target the lower middle class.

To complement the use of the internet network they offer, they have made significant progress due to developments over time.

The network that was originally REV-1, REV-B and Evdo has now changed to 4G, thus from CDMA they also issued their smartfren GSM network. However, it is only specific to certain gadgets that they support.

Apart from that, it also released a Smartfren 4G WiFi modem product which is usually called Mifi Smartfren.

With this Smartfren Mifi, users or users who travel and have more than 1 gadget they own can be connected as one with Mifi.

If each gadget has a different number and internet package, it will make you wasteful in using credit.

This Smartfren Mifi saves enough internet credit usage for more than 1 gadget.

So how do you fill the quota for the Smartfren internet package list on your WiFi modem? If you use a Smartfren Andromax smartphone, it’s easy to do it directly via the gadget.

Meanwhile, what about the Smartfren 4G Wifi Modem? This is what makes it a little difficult for users to fill in and Check remaining Smartfren quota.

So, here we give you a method that you can understand easily.

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How to fill in / register for the Smartfren Internet Package via the Mylink application

  1. First, install the Mylink application which you can download via the Google Play Store for free HERE.
  2. Run the application after it has been successfully installed, then tap the My Smartfren menu on the main page.
  3. Next, select the top up/payment menu.
  4. After that select Top Up Voucher.
  5. Then enter your Smartfren number and also the voucher code that has been purchased.
  6. If you have confirmed that the number is correct, press the Top Up Voucher button.
  7. Later the quota will be filled automatically and can be used to access the internet.

Smartfren itself is one of the providers that has succeeded in converting CDMA networks to 4G-LTE and GSM.

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How to Fill in / Register for Smartfren Internet Packages via My.smartfren.com

  1. Register your number first at https://my.smartfren.com/registrasi_input
  2. After success then confirm the email to validate your smartfren account.
  3. Then login https://my.smartfren.com/mysmartfren_login
  4. Enter the homepage after successful and select Buy Package
  5. You will be presented with various kinds of Smartfren internet packages which may suit what you want.
    how to buy a smartfren wifi modem mifi internet package

For the price list, you can check here: Smartfren internet package price list

Armed with extensive network support, Smartfren is gradually able to provide 4G-LTE and GSM networks in various regions in Indonesia.

Apart from that, Smartfren often bundles devices, both modems, MiFis, and smartphones, with their internet packages at much cheaper prices.

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This is the information that we can provide, hopefully it will be useful and can be your reference for filling in the smartfren wifi modem quota, which many people are confused about. Hopefully helpful, and thank you.

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