Download the rare, unique and full strobe bussid mod

Download Rare Bussid Mod – Playing the Indonesian Bus Simulator (Bussid) game, you often feel bored with the vehicle you are using. In fact, it's not just vehicles, the road maps or routes taken are also often boring.

This is what makes Bussid players look for download links for rare Bussid mods and other road maps so that the sensation of driving in the Bussid game feels a different sensation from one another.

If you are looking for a rare Bussid mod and need a download link, here the game will provide several recommendations for rare mods that you can use when playing this simulator game.

To make it clearer what rare Bussid mods can be downloaded. Please read and follow the discussion below until the end.

Download Rare Bussid Mod

Yes, rare Bussid mods are often sought after by simulator game players. Having a rare, unique, different and unmarketable appearance may be one of the reasons why many rare Bussid mods are sought after and downloaded.

Without further ado, here are some download links for rare, unique and full bussid mods and livery. Please download the rare Bussid mod and livery via the link we provide below.

1. New Celsius

First, there is a rare Bussid mod, a New Celsius bus. Bussid game players or creators have succeeded in creating this rare mod. Those of you players who are looking for it, can download the mod via the link below.

2. Ecoline

The next rare bussid mod is the Ecoline bus mod. This mod became very popular in the early days of the Indonesian Bus Simulator game, one of the mods and liveries that were widely downloaded was Ecoline Sinar Jaya.


The next rare Bussid mod that can be downloaded is JB3+ SHD HINO. The Bussid JB3+ Mod is a modification in the Indonesian Bus Simulator game which allows players to change vehicles with various Jetbus 3 bus variants.

Mod Downloads
Livery Downloads


Even though it has been said that there are many content creators who have succeeded in creating Bussid JB3+ faucet mods. Looking for the Bussid JB3+ SHD HINO RK mod, which is a rare mod, is quite difficult, but don't worry, you can download it without a password at the link below.

5. Old Setra

Lastly, the rare bussid mod that you can download is the Old Setra Rasa Sayang bus mod. Having the appearance of an old or old school bus with green, white and red patterns is the characteristic of the Old Setra bus. You can download the mod for free via the link below.

The mod download process just clicks on the download link that we have provided. Later you will be taken to a new page, please click download once again to get the rare Bussid mod file.

When the download is successful, all you have to do is install it. As is known, there are differences in how to install or install mods, where players must activate unknown sources first. Following are the steps to download the mod file and how to install it:

  • Download the mod and livery files via the link above.
  • Continue opening File Manager on your Android smartphone.
  • Then open it Internal Storage.
  • Open the folder Downloadsthe rare bus mod file that has been downloaded will appear.
  • Copy all mod files and return to the menu File Manager.
  • Open the Bussid folder and click folder Modspaste the Bussid mod file here.
  • Continue opening the Indonesian Bus Simulator (Bussid) game.
  • Then select the menu or icon button >.
  • That way, the bus vehicle that has been downloaded will appear, click Use.
  • The Bussid mod installation was successful and you can now play.


That's the discussion the game can convey regarding the mod download link and rare Bussid livery along with how to install it and how to install it. After installation on the device, please enjoy the excitement of playing the Bussid game with a rare bus.

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