Download the Latest Rescue Agent 3D Mod Apk Unlimited Money

News – Rescue Agent 3D mod apk is currently one of the popular games and is currently being sought after by game lovers.

Through this game, you can complete the missions that have been given. Armed with a knife, you can eradicate enemies easily.

This action genre game is in great demand by various groups. How come? In terms of gameplay presented by this game, it is very interesting.

You are assigned to rescue an agent who is being held hostage. Apart from that, there are lots of interesting features and other items that you can use freely. The reason is, this game is quite exciting and suitable for filling your relaxing time later.

Apart from that, the more stages you are given, the more difficult the challenge will be. Therefore, a complete strategy and weapons are needed to eradicate the enemy easily.

Just like other games, Rescue Agent 3D also has lots of paid items that you can use later. However, if you are reluctant to spend the money. The best solution that you can try is by playing Rescue Agent 3D Mod APK.

By playing the modified version of the game, you can get various interesting features such as unlimited money, unlimited gems, ad-free and so on.

Therefore, making the game easier to complete. And the chance to win the game is much easier than before. If you are curious, let's look at the explanation as follows.

Overview of Rescue Agent 3D Mod Apk

Rescue Agent 3D Mod Apk is a very interesting action game that you must try. In this game, you will be ambushed by a group of enemies. The reason is, they will also attack your position later. However, there is no need to worry because each player will be given a weapon, namely a knife.

Apart from that, if you don't like defeating enemies in this game secretly, you can just go out and use the weapon or throw a number at them.

One of the tasks or missions that you have to complete in this game is to save someone who has been held hostage. If you succeed in saving it, then you have the right to be the winner in the game.

Actually, in terms of gameplay provided by this game is very interesting. Apart from that, the graphic display, controls and others are very easy for you to access. So, users can still play it easily.

Many game lovers are interested and busy looking for download links. Therefore, you can play it easily via the link that we will share as follows.

Apart from that, on Google Playstore itself it has received a quite satisfactory rating and received a good response. However, in this review we will share Rescue Agent 3D Mod Apk which is a modified version that you can play right now.

In Rescue Agent 3D Mod APK you can find lots of interesting features that can be used freely. Instead of being curious, please read the explanation as follows.

Features of Rescue Agent 3D Mod Apk

Users will be presented with several very cool and sophisticated mod features. You can use it freely to make the game easier.

This is different from the original version, which only provides a few features for you to use. To use all the features in full, you must upgrade them first. Instead of being curious, you should know some of the features in Rescue Agent 3D Mod below.

Unlimited Money & Gems

Users will be given the main feature, namely unlimited money and gems. You can use it freely without worrying about running out. Buy some equipment to fight later.

Apart from that, gems are also useful for buying items that you want freely. The reason is, you can't get the games in this game using money. With these two features, it will make it easier for you to save the agent later.

Unlimited Keys

Another advantage in this interesting game is that there are unlimited keys that can be used. The reason is, when successful on the stage, users can open all the reward boxes. Of course, use the key.

That way, the opportunity to get lots of coins increases. Apart from that, you can win this game more easily than before.

3D graphics

This game is equipped with very attractive 3D graphics and makes anyone feel at home playing it continuously. The reason is, the appearance provided is quite different from other games. You can enjoy it directly, especially if the gameplay provided is very interesting.


Of course, you can play this game 100% free without having to pay money for a subscription and so on. The reason is, if you play the original version of this action game you will be asked to upgrade features and so on. However, this does not apply if you play the Rescue Agent 3D Mod.

No Ads

Another feature that you can get in this action game is that it is ad-free. Users can have more freedom to play the game, without the interruption of advertisements that suddenly appear and so on. So, you can be more comfortable playing the game.

Get many other advantages that you can find in this game. If you are interested and want to play this action game immediately, below we will share the download link so you can install it now.

Download Rescue Agent 3D Mod Apk

This action game provides lots of items that you can use to save someone. Through this mod version of Rescue Agent 3D, you can get it easily without having to bother getting the items you want freely.

Many game lovers are interested and want to try it directly. You can also use all the mod features that are provided for free. That way, it makes the game even easier to complete.

You can become a player, equipped with very complete weapons. Therefore, if you can't wait and want to try to experience the excitement of this action game, please download the game now.

Name Table
Version v1.0.18
Size 99MB
Developer Herald Studios
Download link Here

How to Install

Rescue Agent 3D Mod APK is not a game that you can find on Google Playstore or App Store. Therefore, the process of installing this game can be done manually and the method is very easy. Instead of being curious, you should follow the steps that we will share as follows.

  • The first step, don't forget to download Rescue Agent 3D Mod APK
  • Next, open the settings on each cellphone
  • After that, select the Security & Privacy option, and check unknown sources
  • If so, go to the file manager and open the download folder
  • After finding it, look for the downloaded file
  • Then click the install button
  • Please wait a few moments until the process is complete
  • Finished

That's roughly the easy way you can install the game on the device you are using. If the process is complete, you can play the game easily on the device you are using and use all the features that have been provided freely.

Difference between Rescue Agent 3D Mod APK and Original Version

Of course, there are many striking differences in these two different games. You can decide for yourself according to the comfort provided both in terms of features and so on. Therefore, please check the complete list as follows.

Original Version

  • There are still Ads
  • Paid
  • Locked Features

Mod Version

  • No ads
  • 100% Free
  • All features are unlocked

If you look at the details above, you already understand that there is not a significant difference between the two. Therefore, you can also decide freely whether you want to play the mod or original version of the game.

The final word

That's a brief explanation of Rescue Agent 3D Mod APK so you can play the game right now. If you are curious, please download and install the game directly by pressing the download button above. And don't forget to look forward to other information from us. Hopefully that's useful and thank you.

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