DJI Tello Drone Review, Cheap Drone Suitable for Beginners and Children

After successfully releasing its best drone called Spark, DJI is now continuing its efforts to become the best drone developer by launching an even smaller drone. DJI named its new drone “Tello”. This is a cheap drone suitable for beginners and children. Curious as to what the specifications of DJI Tello are? Listen DJI Tello review more below.

DJI Tello Review, Cheap Drone Suitable for Beginners and Children

DJI Tello review

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Labeled “The Most Fun Drone”, Tello is a small drone for those who are just starting to learn to fly drones. However, this does not mean that the Tello drone has the ability to make fun of it. How could it not be, looking further at the DJI Tello review, this drone apparently has Flight Stabilization technology which makes it much safer and easier to fly, even indoors.

Another unique thing about DJI Tello is its acrobatic capabilities in the air, live streaming and this drone can also program the airframe easily. Discussing further about the DJI Tello body design, the drone actually feels small compared to the DJI Spark. The reason is, DJI Tello has dimensions of only 98 x 92.5 x 41 mm and weighs only 80 grams. When compared to the DJI Spark, it is certainly wider. Interestingly, the DJI Tello is claimed to be the smallest drone among all the DJI series.

It doesn’t stop there, DJI Tello is also predicted to be similar to DJI Spark, both in terms of body and color. DJI Tello’s design even removes the landing gear and instead extends the base of the rotor as legs. Thanks to this, the DJI Tello really looks compact and very small so it can be flown more easily indoors. But with a body like that, DJI Tello seems more fragile to fly outdoors.

Even though it has a very small body, DJI Tello is actually somewhat smarter than DJI Spark. Just look at the Intel part that can make this drone fly directly from the palm of the hand. That is, you just need to throw it from your hand. Instantly this DJI Tello will fly freely in the air. This is also still equipped with a number of acrobatic movements and Flight Stabilization which can be considered quite safe. But of course there are things that have been reduced, one of the most striking is the quality of the DJI Tello’s shots, which is only 5 MP and can record videos up to 720p only.

Meanwhile, when compared to the DJI Spark itself, users can get Full HD footage recording up to 1080p and produce 12 MP photos. Then the duration of the flight itself is also cut to just 13 minutes. It’s 3 minutes shorter than the DJI Spark’s battery. Even so, this is a pretty good achievement for such a small drone. The speed is only 8 m/s and can only be flown outdoors if there is no wind at all.

Unlike other DJI series drones, DJI Tello can actually be used for small attractions. On the drone you will find a button to flip on the Controller Interface. There are also several flight modes, including quick 360-degree video recording and flying up in one smooth go.

Not only that, users can also program DJI Tello flight patterns by coding for those who can. This is because DJI Tello has a special coding tool called Scratch. This coding tool is ready to customize DJI Tello whenever you want. DJI Tello can even connect with VR and users can enjoy a full action experience in POV mode.

Then for the price itself it turns out that it doesn’t drain the bag, this cute drone is only priced at Rp. 1.6 million rupiah. Much cheaper than the price of the DJI Spark. This price is quite comparable to the capabilities offered, moreover the color choices are also very tempting.

Advantages of DJI Tello

Pros of DJI Tello

Has a Very Small Body

As we know, most of the newest drones available today have quite large dimensions. So, it will usually be a little difficult for you to take it to places you travel, because its dimensions are so large that you need a special bag to carry the drone. You don’t need to worry, because DJI Tello has dimensions that are practically very small for the size of a drone.

How not, the size of the DJI Tello is only the size of the palm of the hand. In detail, the dimensions of the DJI Tello are 98 x 92.5 x 41 mm. Then for the weight or the weight itself is only 80 grams. Not only that, the DJI Tello drone also has a very attractive design. This inexpensive little drone from DJI uses two-tone tones, much like the DJI Spark.

Has a long flight duration

Even though it is the cheapest DJI drone, the DJI Tello apparently has the ability to fly for a duration that can be said to be quite good, namely 13 minutes. As a reference, the DJI Spark drone can be flown for 16 minutes on a single charge.

Easy to Use

Because it was made specifically for beginner users from young to children, the DJI Tello drone is equipped with a number of features that make it safe and easy to use. One of them is the process of flying as well as landing which is made automatically. Not only that, the DJI Tello also has other advanced technology, namely the Intel Movidius Myriad 2 VPU.

Through this technology, users can more easily control the drone using hand movements or hand gestures. For example, you just need to move your hand to stop the movement of the DJI Tello.

Has a 5 MP Camera

Unlike other cheap drones, the DJI Tello is equipped with a 5 MP camera which definitely has interesting capabilities. One of them is the DJI Tello drone which can be used to record videos up to 360 degrees. Later, the video will be included in a 360 degree version, which can be broadcast directly to tablets or virtual reality devices.

Has Unique Features

Apart from being easy to operate, the DJI Tello drone is also equipped with unique features to make the user experience more enjoyable. The unique features that make users more impressive include the following:

  • Throw and Go
  • 8D Flips
  • Bounce Mode

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The price of the DJI Tello drone is relatively affordable

DJI Tello Drone Price

Then another advantage and advantage of the DJI Tello is its relatively affordable price. Yes, DJI Tello is sold at a fairly cheap price compared to DJI Spark. In the Indonesian market, the price of the DJI Tello is IDR 1.6 million rupiah.

That’s the information regarding the DJI Tello review, a cheap drone suitable for beginners and children. Hopefully the information is useful.

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