Crushing the Grandmaster: Top Jax Counters Revealed

Crushing the Grandmaster: Top Jax Counters Revealed

Crushing the Grandmaster: Top Jax Counters Revealed

Are you tired of facing Jax, the Grandmaster at the top lane, and getting constantly dominated by his brute strength and overwhelming skill set? Fear not, as we bring you the top Jax counters that will help you turn the tables and emerge victorious in the battle!

1. Teemo – The Swift Scout

Teemo, notorious for his ability to harass opponents, proves to be a formidable counter against Jax. Teemo’s blind effect provided by his Q ability, “Blinding Dart,” prevents Jax from landing crucial auto-attacks, significantly reducing his damage output. Teemo’s E ability, “Toxic Shot,” also deals poison damage over time, constantly whittling down Jax’s health. Additionally, Teemo’s shrooms can provide vision control and escape opportunities in case Jax tries to engage.

2. Malphite – The Shard of the Monolith

Malphite, known for his immense tankiness and crowd control abilities, is another excellent pick against Jax. Malphite’s passive, “Granite Shield,” grants him a shield that absorbs a lot of damage, neutralizing Jax’s burst potential. His Q ability, “Seismic Shard,” not only slows down Jax but also weakens his attack speed, making it easier to trade blows. Malphite’s ultimate ability, “Unstoppable Force,” allows him to engage or disengage fights, providing versatility in the top lane.

3. Quinn – Demacia’s Wings

Quinn, the agile marksman, excels in trading with Jax and keeping him at a distance. Her Q ability, “Blinding Assault,” significantly reduces Jax’s attack damage and blinds him for a brief moment. Additionally, Quinn’s E ability, “Vault,” allows her to quickly dash away from Jax’s counter-attack attempts. Her ultimate, “Behind Enemy Lines,” grants her increased mobility and map presence, enabling her to roam and make plays across the map.


To successfully counter Jax and defeat him in the top lane, it’s important to take advantage of champions that possess the capability to nullify his core strengths. Teemo’s blind and poison damage, Malphite’s tankiness and crowd control, and Quinn’s range and mobility make them ideal picks against Jax. Remember to strategize, farm efficiently, and coordinate with your team to maximize the effectiveness of these champions while countering Jax’s dominance.


Q: Are these the only counters to Jax?

A: No, there are other champions that can also be effective against Jax. Some honorable mentions include Darius, Pantheon, and Tryndamere. However, the champions mentioned above have proven to be consistently successful in countering Jax.

Q: What should be my general approach when facing Jax as a counter pick?

A: It is recommended to play defensively in the early game, as Jax tends to be stronger during the early stages. Focus on farming and denying him as much gold and experience as possible. Seek opportunities for trades when his abilities are on cooldown or when his counter-strike is down.

Q: Can Jax still be strong in certain situations despite being countered?

A: Yes, Jax can still be a formidable opponent and turn the tide if he manages to outplay his opponents or receives significant assistance from his team. Respect his potential and communicate with your team to prevent him from snowballing out of control.

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