Crushing the Curator: How to Counter Nasus and Ensure Lane Dominance

Crushing the Curator: How to Counter Nasus and Ensure Lane Dominance

Crushing the Curator: How to Counter Nasus and Ensure Lane Dominance

Nasus, also known as the Curator, is a powerful champion in the game League of Legends who has the potential to become a late-game, unstoppable raid boss. However, with the right strategies and tactics, you can easily crush Nasus in the early game and ensure lane dominance. In this article, we will discuss some effective ways to counter Nasus and keep him from reaching his full potential.

Pick Champions with Early Game Dominance

One of the best ways to counter Nasus is to pick champions that have a strong early game presence. Champions like Darius, Renekton, or Teemo excel at poking and harassing Nasus in the early stages of the game. By denying him farm and constantly pressuring him, you can prevent him from stacking his Siphoning Strike ability, which is crucial for his late-game power.

Zone Nasus and Deny Farm

To further prevent Nasus from scaling, it’s essential to zone him and deny him farm. Freeze the lane close to your tower and harass him whenever he tries to approach to last-hit minions. By denying him gold and experience, you are hindering his progress and weakening his late-game potential.

Utilize Jungler Assistance

Nasus is vulnerable to ganks, particularly in the early game when he lacks mobility and defensive tools. Coordinate with your jungler to set up ganks and put pressure on Nasus. A successful gank can potentially result in a kill, denying Nasus even more gold and experience.

Build Executioner’s Calling (Mortal Reminder)

It’s crucial to build items that reduce Nasus’s healing, such as Executioner’s Calling (which can be upgraded to Mortal Reminder). Nasus relies heavily on his sustain from his passive lifesteal and his ultimate ability. By reducing his healing, you can significantly weaken his survivability in team fights and make him easier to take down.


By implementing these strategies, you can effectively counter Nasus and secure lane dominance. Remember to pick champions with early game dominance, zone Nasus, utilize jungler assistance, and build healing reduction items. Crushing the Curator requires proactive gameplay and focus on shutting him down before he becomes an overwhelming threat.

Crush Nasus early and dominate the lane!


1. Can Nasus be a threat even if shut down in the early game?

Yes, Nasus can potentially make a comeback even if he is denied farm in the early game. It’s essential to maintain pressure and constantly keep him in check throughout the game.

2. Is it better to starve Nasus of farm or continually harass him?

Ideally, it is best to do both. Deny Nasus farm by zoning and freezing the lane while also harassing him whenever possible. This will ensure that he falls behind in gold and experience while also taking damage.

3. Are there any specific items besides Executioner’s Calling that are effective against Nasus?

While Executioner’s Calling is the most effective item to reduce Nasus’s healing, other items like Bramble Vest or Morellonomicon can also help mitigate his sustain and overall effectiveness.

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