Countering the Grave: A Comprehensive Guide to Beating Graves in League of Legends

Countering the Grave: A Comprehensive Guide to Beating Graves in League of Legends

Countering the Grave: A Comprehensive Guide to Beating Graves in League of Legends


Graves, the outlaw of the Rift, is a highly versatile champion in League of Legends. With his strong burst damage and exceptional mobility, he can be a formidable opponent. However, armed with the right strategies and knowledge, you can successfully counter Graves and lead your team to victory. This comprehensive guide will provide you with valuable insights on how to effectively beat Graves and turn the tide of the battle in your favor.

1. Understanding Graves

The first step to countering any champion is to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Graves deals primarily physical damage and excels in close-range combat. He has high burst damage through his abilities, especially his ultimate, Collateral Damage. Additionally, his quick-draw ability, Quickdraw, grants him increased attack speed and armor, making him resilient during skirmishes. Understanding these aspects will help you anticipate his plays and play accordingly.

2. Champion Choices

Synergy within your team composition is crucial when facing Graves. Champions who can interrupt his mobility, such as crowd control mages or tanks, can greatly limit his effectiveness. High burst mages like Syndra or Veigar can also threaten Graves during team fights. Furthermore, champions with mobility or long-range abilities like Ezreal or Caitlyn can help you create distance and poke him down before committing to an engagement.

3. Laning Against Graves

When facing Graves in lane, be mindful of his ability to burst you down quickly. Positioning yourself behind minions will reduce the chances of him landing his Q ability, End of the Line, which can deal substantial damage. Additionally, utilizing crowd control or poke abilities can disrupt his all-ins and force him to play more defensively. Coordinate with your jungler to set up ganks since Graves lacks reliable crowd control and mobility to escape early game encounters.

4. Itemization

Proper itemization can significantly improve your chances of winning against Graves. Investing in early armor items like Ninja Tabi or Seeker’s Armguard can reduce his burst damage. Additionally, purchasing items with crowd control effects, such as Frozen Heart or Randuin’s Omen, can slow his attack speed and limit his effectiveness during team fights.


Countering Graves requires a combination of knowledge, teamwork, and strategy. Understanding his strengths and weaknesses, choosing the right champions, utilizing crowd control, and investing in effective itemization are all key aspects of beating Graves. Remember to communicate with your team and take advantage of his vulnerabilities to secure victory in games against him.


1. Is Graves only effective in the jungle?

No, Graves can be played effectively both in the jungle and in the bot lane as an ADC. His burst damage and mobility make him a versatile champion in different roles.

2. How can I avoid Graves’ ultimate ability?

To avoid Graves’ ultimate, Collateral Damage, pay attention to his positioning and try to anticipate when he might use it. If you see him aiming towards you, try to sidestep or use abilities that make you untargetable, such as Fizz’s Playful/Trickster or Vladmir’s Sanguine Pool.

3. Which champions can effectively counter Graves?

Champions with crowd control abilities like Nautilus and Leona can effectively shut down Graves due to his lack of mobility. Additionally, high burst mages like Syndra, who can burst him down from a safe distance, are also strong against Graves.

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