Coolest Lightroom Oreo Tone Formula 2022 – Do you want your photos to be cool by doing simple editing? This time we will share a review of the coolest Lightroom Oreo Tone formula that you can apply and use to produce your best photos and immediately show them off on social media, hehe.

If you do an activity, especially traveling, of course you won't miss the best moments to immortalize them, right, but sometimes in every moment you take you are still not satisfied with what you have done. And you don't need to worry!

With this cool Lightroom formula that we will share, it is certainly what many friends are looking for, right! You just need to copy everything we have reviewed below to apply it using your smartphone!

Coolest Lightroom Oreo Tone Formula

Here are some settings you need to do to get Oreo Lightroom preset results, among others.


The first setting you have to adjust is light or lighting. Please see the settings below.

  • Illumination : 0.40 EV
  • Contrast : -36
  • Highlights : -60
  • Shadow : -90
  • White Hue: -52
  • Black : 44


In the Color section, please follow the settings below.

  • Temp : 12
  • Pattern: 8
  • Vibrancy : 20
  • Saturation: 10

Color combinations

For an image to have the Oreo effect, you need the correct color blend settings. So, for Oreo color combinations, please follow below.

  • Color : Hue<>Saturation<>Luminance
  • Red: -10<>-22<>18
  • Orange : -10<>-48<>42
  • Yellow : -100<>-100<>14
  • Green: -100<>-100<>-20
  • Light Blue: -52<>-48<>0
  • Blue : 20<>-100<>-22
  • Purple : 0<>0<>0
  • Pink: 0<>0<>0


The next setting is Effect, this setting is very important so that the image you edit has a very vintage Oreo feel. Well, here are the effects, follow the settings below.

  • Texture : -10
  • Clarity : 14
  • Fog Effect: 26
  • Vignettes : -30
  • Midpoint: 70
  • Feathers: 65


Then in the Details section, just set the Noise Reduction and Color Noise Reduction sections. So, here are the values ​​for this setting.

  • Noise Reduction : 30
  • Color Noise Reduction: 19

The final word

So, that's a review about Lightroom Oreo Tone formula the coolest thing we can give to all of you. Hopefully the review above can help you make your photos cooler and more interesting. Thank You!

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