Claymore Forest Regalia Genshin Impact Weapon, Here’s How to Craft it!

Genshin Impact has released a lot of new updates that make you curious so you can try to find them now. Because there is also a Claymore Forest Regalia Genshin Impact weapon, one with powers related to Element Dendro. Of course Forest Regilia is the Craft method, it’s really easy.

Various updates with various types now, so that you can play very well soon. Because indeed with the event too, Travelers will be even more excited to explore Teyvat with the latest changes right now.

Seeing all the lists of Genshin Impact Weapons, it really makes us even more curious to play all of them now easily. Of course it feels like there will be more and feels exciting, so that we can immediately understand for whose character the weapons will be later.

Then for the Claymore Forest Regalia Genshin Impact Weapon, you can find out how we will do Craft. Because it becomes a Claymore that is strong in battle, so the characters who use it will definitely get stronger.

Claymore Forest Regalia Weapon Genshin Impact

  1. Genshin Impact login

    Travelers must log in to Genshin Impact first, so that we can get the Forest Regalia Claymore Weapon. This process is easy, but you have to complete a quest first to get the main ingredient.

  2. Get the Sumeru Weapon Blueprint

    Travelers must first know how to get the Sumeru Weapon Blueprint right now, so that later they can get this effect now. Because indeed with this Blueprint, a traveler can make this type of Claymore Forest Regalia weapon that already exists.

  3. Collect Claymore Forest Regalia Ingredients

    Make sure Travelers have collected the materials from the Claymore Forest Regalia right now. Requires Midlander Claymore Billet, 50 Crystal Chunk and 50 White Iron Chunk. This is an item that is very easy for us to get later.

  4. Go To Forging

    Choose a Forging Place that you often visit, as long as you have the Blueprint, Forging from any location will open this. Later you can immediately Craft the Claymore Forest Regalia Weapon by using 500 Mora and waiting 10 Seconds.

  5. Claymore Weapon Ready to Use

    Travelers who have done that will definitely be ready to use the Forest Regalia Claymore Weapon which has appeared now. That way, the character of the weapon user will make your character stronger.

Of course, by following this method, travelers can immediately get these weapons and use them on the characters they need. As a weapon that will have a direct effect on Dendro, it feels very good in battle very easily.

Then there is also How to Get Midlander Billet Craft Genshin Impact, so that you won’t be confused about this. So we can easily have items like this and use them in crafting too.

After knowing the Claymore Forest Regalia Genshin Impact Weapon, you can find out all about it right now. Get the right opportunity, so that travelers can immediately make their characters stronger in facing enemies.

Then with the appearance of Elemental Reaction Dendro Genshin Impact, there are indeed many and they have very diverse effects. For those of you who use this effect later, it will definitely become easier to defeat the enemy easily.

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