Class Scout Call of Duty Mobile.

In this COD Mobile game, there is a Battle Royale game system that is different from other mobile Battle Royale games. In Game Call of Duty: Mobile, you will find a feature where there will be several classes with different names. There is a Class Scout in Call of Duty Mobile that you can use on cod mobile

Several classes in the Call of Duty: Mobile game appear with quite strong strengths when in Battle Royale mode. With unique abilities, some of them have different abilities too, of course. At that time we discussed the Defender class and the Mechanic class. For this opportunity, we will discuss classScout.

Scout can detect the presence of enemies by using the power of his sensor arrows. Not only being able to detect enemies, Scouts are also endowed with quite high mobility thanks to the movement speed that this Class Scout COD Mobile has.

About Class Scout Call of Duty Mobile.

This time, we will provide some tips that you need to pay attention to when playing with Class Scout Call of Duty Mobile. What are the tricks that need attention? Look carefully at the article below.

  1. Choose your Best Weapon.

The role for Class Scout Call of Duty Mobile.t is quite flexible, a Scout can use 2 types of weapons. For defensive play, Scouts can use weapons with a long range such as snipers. However, if your game is aggressive, then SMG, LMG and Assault Riffle type weapons are very suitable choices.

If you are defending doing Sniping, the sensor that Scout has can be very useful to find out enemies who are trying to Flank or attack from behind, you can also use this sensor in Aggressive play as well, because it can be useful for finding hidden enemies. Scout will be very useful when the team enters closed areas such as city areas or the first landing point.

  1. Class Call of Duty Mobile Always detect enemy movements.

Class Scout Call of Duty Mobile. almost similar to Mechanic, Scout’s main task is to find enemies in the area around the team. In contrast to Mechanic’s Drone, Scout’s sensor arrows can immediately catch enemies coming and mark them on the minimap.

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However, the weakness of Scout detection is that the time is quite short. Less than 10 seconds, the sensor will die. Therefore, any important information obtained by Scout’s sensor arrows must be resolved immediately.

  1. Play Style.

If you get the Upgrade Chip, the Scout’s sensor arrow ability will become even greater. In addition, his arrows will last longer than before, it is highly recommended to look for these chips early in the game. You can use Sensors when visiting dangerous places such as Air Drops or Chip Upgrades.

The existence of a Scout in the team is quite important and very useful. Try if you play with friends, some use Scout. This sensor arrow owned by Scout can add Visuals to its Team members. It is also recommended to always play it safe and don’t be too passionate or aggressive if you see an enemy who is dying, maybe that will be one of the traps.

So, those are some tips that you need to pay attention to when using this Scout, how about it? Are you guys ready to use Scout on call of duty mobile Later?

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