Cheating! Top Global in Tekken 8 Force Close Game If You Lose So Your Rank Doesn't Drop

Competitive Tekken player and streamer Joe Crush quickly made it to the top ranks in Tekken 8, reaching No. 1 worldwide before anyone else. He has played the game hard and has been rewarded for his efforts. However, a streaming clip showing him throwing a tantrum and quitting a match has called his achievements into question.

While his accomplishments were still amazing, him getting into the flow had tarnished him a bit… Especially after someone watched the replay and showed him how to counter the move that made him quit.

Joe Crush is a new Tekken player in the United States who has been competing since 2019, and has quickly established himself as one of the best new players from the region. And, even though he wasn't able to make much of a difference in the TWT Finals for Tekken 7, the fact that he made it through the Last Chance Qualifier is an incredible accomplishment.

However, a recent online clip showing him fighting Dani, an Azucena player in Tekken 8, has caused drama in the community.

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Dani felt annoyed because Joe immediately closed his Tekken 8 game when he found an enemy that was difficult to beat.

It wasn't long before Joe was called out by prominent members of the Tekken community such as Rip because of his behavior during the game, insulting his opponents when they protested cheating.

Apart from the main news above, KOTAKGAME also has an interesting video which you can watch below.

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