Causes and How to Overcome Browser Opening Alone

When you are using a device, be it a laptop or Android, sometimes the browser opens by itself. You have to know how to deal with an open browser yourself for a solution.

Most users, of course, will panic when they encounter this problem for the first time. And it would be very annoying if this problem continued to occur.

However, there is no need to worry, because at EzTekno we will explain how to solve the browser opening itself in this article in full on a laptop or cellphone.

This applies to all types of browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, up to Opera Mini. How to? Check out the solution below.

What causes browsers to open by themselves?

Before you know how to solve the browser opening itself, you need to know the cause first. Generally caused by Adware.

Adware is an advertisement in the form of a virus that generates search sites for which there is no clear source. So, this is because you accidentally downloaded on a site that is not credible.

How to deal with browsers opening by themselves on cellphones

Here's how to deal with the browser opening itself on various brands of cellphones.

1. Eliminate applications with adware

To deal with adware on your cellphone, delete the application that has it. The way to find out which application has Adware is that it is a modified version made by a third party, not the original developer.

Apart from that, there are also applications that are downloaded from unknown sites. It may also contain Adware. It's better to use Google Play Store if you want to download applications.

2. Install Antivirus

There are many antiviruses on Android to remove adware. So, you can choose one of them and do a scan to clean viruses so that the browser doesn't appear by itself.

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3. Set the cellphone to factory settings

To restore an error on your cellphone and get rid of Adware, you can restore everything to factory settings. The method is:

  1. Enter the menu Settings.
  2. Next, select Additional Settings.
  3. Select menu Backup and Reset.
  4. Finally, tap options restore to factory settings.
  5. Finished.

That way, all cellphone settings return to original. However, all applications and files can be lost so you need to back up first.

How to Overcome Browser Opening Alone on Laptop

For laptop users, you can handle the browser opening yourself using almost the same method as on a cellphone. Following are the methods.

1. Check the Browser Extensions Section

The browser opening itself can be caused by you opening more browser extensions. Too many extensions from browsers such as Chrome or Firefox can also cause the browser to open.

This is because malware has infiltrated your laptop. On a laptop, not only does the browser open itself, but also tabs often appear. You need to remove redundant extensions.

2. Update antivirus

The browser opening itself can be caused by a virus either on the cellphone or laptop. Therefore, the way to overcome it is the same, namely using an antivirus.

You can download an antivirus specifically for laptops so it can clean malware, adware and viruses.

Choose an antivirus that has the best features and detects viruses well. So that all dangerous viruses can be blocked or scanned properly.

Laptops already have built-in antivirus applications such as Windows Defender which can be used to solve this problem.

Apart from that, you can install additional applications to protect even better. Because sometimes the antivirus application is not enough to overcome it.

It is also necessary to update your antivirus regularly to get the best features because the developer will usually continue to update it to a better version.

The newer the version, the better it is for dealing with viruses on your laptop.

There are things you need to know about how to deal with the browser opening itself and the causes. You can solve this problem quickly, both on your cellphone and laptop.

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