Build Barbara Quick Healing Genshin Impact

Barbara is a character that is given for free when you reach level 20 in the game Genshin Impact. This character has a Healing role which is very helpful for the party and is mandatory to use. You can use the fastest Barbara Healing Build in the following Genshin Impact game.

Barbara has used the Catalyst weapon as her main attack. Damage from Barbara is relatively small, but Healing from Barbara is the most sought after. Every Party feels very obligated to use Barbara. Especially by using the following Barbara Build, you can Heal the whole party very quickly.

On this occasion, will provide the fastest Build Healing for Barbara in the game Genshin Impact. By using this build you don’t need to worry when fighting strong enemies. So, for those of you who are curious. Here’s the full review.

Build Barbara Genshin Impact

Barbara will not be very suitable to be played as support or DPS. Barbara’s ability is actually a healer to increase the HP of the other party. The best build that Barbara should use should have an Energy Recharge type and also high HP Regen. So, because of that, we will provide the right build recommendation for Barbara in Genshin Impact.

Weapon Barbara Genshin Impact

  1. Favonius Codex *4: First, you can use Favonius which has a very good Energy Recharge ability. Not only that, this Catalyst can also provide high Critical damage and provide Energy particles that can speed up Energy filling for Barbara. Favonius Codex can only be obtained from Gacha.
  2. Sacrificial Fragment *4: Both of you can use a Sacrificial Fragment with a very fast Energy Recharge ability. After you give damage to your opponent. Cooldown of Barbara will be accelerated. This effect is perfect for Healing types like Barbara.
  3. Otherworldly Story *3: Another option, you can use Otherworldly Story which is a three star Catalyst only. You can use this catalyst temporarily before finding more. Otherworldly Story can increase Energy Recharge quickly and can restore Barbara’s HP.

Artifact Barbara Genshin Impact

  1. Maiden Belove Set: This artifact can increase Healing effectiveness by +15%. Then if you use 4 Sets it will increase the healing received by the party by 20% every 10 seconds.
  2. Traveling Doctor Set: Very suitable for Healing type characters, the effect of this Artifact can increase healing by 20%. Not only that, if Traveling Doctor uses 4 sets, it will increase Swirl Damage by 60%.
  3. Scholar Set: Lastly, Barabara can use the Solar Set which increases Energy Recharge by 20%. When using 4 sets you will get 3 pts of Energy for all parties using Bow or Catalyst. This artifact is very suitable for combining with Venti, Amber or Fischl.

So what about the Barbara build above? With artifacts that have the effect of increasing healing and Catalysts that have the ability to Energy Recharge, Barbara can do continuous healing.

That’s all we can say for Build Barbara in the Genshin Impact game. Hopefully the above review can be useful, especially for you Barbara users in Genshin Impact. Stay tuned!

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