Best Online Toram Leveling Spots and Level Up Tips!

When leveling up, you definitely need some tips and also a spot that has the most EXP for your leveling needs. This time, there are the Best Toram Online Leveling Spots and 2023 Level Up Tips

So, previously we discussed how to level quickly in Toram Online, which is basic, such as choosing the right character job and also how to maximize your level to 100 in just one week.

Therefore, let’s move on to the next discussion, namely some tips and the best online Toram leveling spots for each level you have. As well as maximizing it to quickly Level Up!

Best Online Toram Leveling Spots and Level Up Tips

1. Raid solo to defeat monsters with a level lower than your character’s level.

2. Ask for help from friends who have a higher level and join the party.

3. After you reach level 27, please continue to Farm Bitter Nut and Nisel Wood on the Nisel Mountain Map until you reach level 50.

At level 50 and above you can get Quest LEFINA – Pride of The Rich (Nightmare Crystal) and Servans Training (Huge Iron Ball).

Tips: If you have reached 25 or 50, the Character Job and Quest have not appeared, please complete the Story Mission first. You also need to know the Toram Online Leveling Place so you can level up quickly

4. You can use the Staff or Magic Character Job to farm materials and if you receive the materials you have collected, then use them to increase your character’s Job level up to level 100.

Tips: For Job Magic Device level 70 and above, try to farm Hugh Iron Ball or Nightmare Crystal on Accient Empira floor 3.

5. You can try to Swiff to change the character’s Job before exchanging materials for the Quest.

How to change it by clicking Bag > Character > Switch Character > Select the character you want to use, for example Mage, Sword, or Archer. > Click Switches.

You have to make this character at the start of the game, and try to choose Staff / Mage when making your first job character.

If it’s already done. For example, if you first choose Sword (Sword User), you can create a new character in the following way. Click Bag > Character > Switch Character > Select the character you created > click OK. Then your new character will start at Level 1.

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Best Online Toram Level Up Spot

  • Levels 1 – 30
    Best Online Toram Leveling Spot Shell Mask – NIsel Mountain
  • Levels 30 – 34
    Gespent (Hard) – Underground Channel
    Minotaur’s Best Online Toram Leveling Spot (Normal) – Ruined Temple Hall
  • Levels 34 – 38
    Toram Online Leveling Place Eerie Crystal (Hard) Isthmus of Kaus – Dragons Den
    Toram Online Colon Commander Leveling Place – Strum Road
  • Levels 38 – 43
    Gespent (Nightmare) – Underground Channel
    Tortuga -Icule Lake
  • Levels 43 – 47
    Toram Online Leveling Place Ruin Golem (Normal) – Zoktzda Ruins – Reversed Hall
    Toram Online Leveling Place Eerie Crystal (Nightmare) – Isthmus of Kaus – Dragons Den
  • Levels 47 -52
    Toram Online Forestia Leveling Spot (Normal) – Land of Chaos
    Flare Vold (Normal) – Fiery Volcano : Bossmap
  • Levels 52 – 56
    Giant Boar Online Toram Leveling Place – Nisel Mountain
    Mochelo Online Toram Leveling Place (Hard) – Fiery Volcano Area 3
  • Levels 56 – 57
    Ruin Golem (Hard) – Zoktzda Ruins – Reversed Hall
    Mauez (Normal) – New Moon Palace : Innermost
  • Levels 60 – 63
    Spot Leveling Toram OnlineBoss Roga (Normal) Underground Cave Stock – Deepest Part
    Toram Online Leveling Spot Flare Vold (Hard) Fiery Volcano: Boss Map
    Forestia (Hard) – Land of Chaos
    Stone Mercenary – Zoktzda Ruins : Abnormal Space
  • Levels 63 – 69
    Ruins Golem (Nightmare) – Zoktzda Ruisn Reversed Hall
    Flare Vold (Nightmare) Fiery Volcano – Boss map
  • Levels 69 – 72
    Toram Online Leveling Place Flare Volg (Nightmare – Fiery Volcano : Boss map
    Arcoiris – Yorl Highlands
  • Levels 72 – 75
    Toram Online Grass Dragon Yelb Leveling Place (Normal) – Alatif Village
  • Boss Roga (Hard) – Deepest Underground Cave Stock

So, those are the Toram Online Level Up and Spot Leveling Tips that you can apply. By knowing where to level Toram online, you can get more experience which is best for leveling up toram online you guys.

Leveling is not an easy thing considering there are many obstacles. Starting from equipment to the process of getting it or getting to the leveling area itself. But just understand the area here and then prepare yourself.

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