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Red Hat's Nick Clifton today announced the release of GNU Binutils 2.42, the latest feature release of a collection of binary utilities that many Linux and Unix-like systems rely on as part of the compiler toolchain.
GNU Binutils 2.42 brings support for new CPU extensions on various architectures, various new alerts, and other new options. Some of the advantages of GNU Binutils 2.42 include:
– Support for relocating Intel Advanced Performance Extensions (APX) on LD.
– Support for more Intel architecture extensions. This includes initial Gas support for Intel APX with 32 GPR, NDD, PUSH2/POP2, PUSHP/POPP and more. There is also support for Intel USER_MSR, AVX-VNNI-INT16, SHA512, SM3, SM4, PBNDKB, and AVX10.1 instructions with GNU Assembler (Gas). It's great to see Intel's timely contribution to open source toolchain components ahead of the launch of the next generation of processors with this instruction support.
– Support for KVX instruction set.
– Support for more AArch64 and RISC-V architecture extensions.
– Support for LoongArch ABI v2.30 is now implemented.
– The readelf program has a new “–extra-sym-info” to display additional information about symbols.
– New warning option “–warn-execstack-objects” to warn about the execstack stack right when the input object file requests it. The “–enable-error-execstack=” option was also added to enable the default setting to turn executable stack warnings into errors.

More details about GNU Binutils 2.42 changes via release announcement.

That's the news about GNU Binutils 2.42 Brings Support for New Intel CPU Extensions: APX, AVX10.1 & Others, hopefully it's useful. Adapted from Phoronix.com.

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