ADC Wild Rift Twisted Fate Item Build, High Damage Not Trolls!

ADC Wild Rift Twisted Fate build item. Twisted Fate in Wild Rift remains the same from League of Legends. He is a mage who usually fills the mid lane with many surprising things. Cards with different effects and being able to teleport anywhere are things that really annoy your opponent.

Twisted Fate usually uses mage build items. With his core items like Lichbane Luden’s, it can make him very difficult to fight. This high damage can even provide a very high burst thanks to Twisted Fate’s high GPM gold. But apparently Twisted Fate can be an ADC, you know.

If Twisted Fate becomes an ADC he will depend on two factors. First is skill 3 which can give very high ASPD, bonus damage on the fourth attack and additional gold every time you attack the hero and also passive milk which can give a lot of gold on the last hit. This can make it an ADC with the highest farm and high DPS.

Even though Twisted Fate is often used as a mid mage, he has hidden potential. Yes, Twisted Fate ADC with crit items is very strong and can be a deadly champion.

Of course you are curious, maybe you are thinking “Huh, Twisted Fate ADC?” Don’t worry, we will provide the TF ADC build below;

  1. Blade of the Ruined King
  2. Rapid Firecannon
  3. Gluttonous Greaves (free upgrades, usually Quicksilver)
  4. Runaan’s Hurricane
  5. Infinity Edge
  6. Phantom Dancers

My Esports has made this build item so that it’s easier for you to use TF. This build item is also interesting considering that TF’s synergy with ASPD is very high and deadly.

Here, let’s talk about ADC Wild Rift’s Twisted Fate build item. Twisted Fate, who is actually a mage hero, can you make ADC with high damage. It could even be said that he is more consistent thanks to his unreasonable farm speed.

Blade Of The Ruined King

Ruined King is Twisted Fate’s core damage item. This item is very strong with ASPD, damage and lifesteal stats which are very suitable for it. Apart from that, the effect of this item is the most sought after. TF build items will target ASPD and the effect of this item which consumes % of the opponent’s HP with each attack will be very effective for TF to use.

Rapid Firecannon

ASPD again, this time added with crit chance. Firecannon is very good for TF especially in this ADC build. Firecannon offers very high ASPD and crit chance with little MVSPD. But the effect of this item is what you are after because it is very useful. Firecannon will provide Energized and Sharpshooter. With this TF has to attack while moving and get the bonus range and bonus damage.

Gluttonous Quicksilver

This is your last upgraded shoe item. Provides MVSPD and lifesteal, this item also has an active effect. If you turn on this active effect you will clear from CC and get additional MVSPD. For this ADC TF build item, anti CC will be very useful because it is easy to gang.

Runaan’s Hurricane

Runaan is another additional ASPD item for TF. With a very high ASPD and crit chance, this item also offers a very strong effect. Runaan will give effect to TF so he can attack 2 more additional targets. This attack effect can also crit and trigger the effects of other items.

Infinity Edge

All ASPD items above will be very useful if he buys this item. Very high infinity crit chance and bonus damage for crit chance.

Phantom Dancers

TF’s last item is actually free but this time you can buy Phantom Dancer. ASPD and crit chance again for TF’s DPS and also if you die you will get a shield. Suitable for clutching.

This ADC Wild Rift Twisted Fate build item does look like trolling but in fact it isn’t. DPS TF is very high and very difficult to contain if you use this build item. Even suitable for solo play! Also follow our social media on Instagram.

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