99 XL Promo Codes Today 2024

XL Promo Code Today – Internet quota is now included in one of the basic needs of society which is very important nowadays, this can be proven by the increasing demand graph and Google search queries regarding the keyword cheap internet packages.

In essence, you can register for an XL internet package in various ways, starting from exchanging voucher codes, buying directly from the official application and even accessing XL secret codes.

XL Starter Card is one of the cellular operators that offers a number of packages according to your needs, such as the Xtra Combo package, unlimited packages, monthly, weekly packages and many other types of packages.

However, activating the XL quota is very easy, because you can do it via a voucher or register directly. Apart from that, the presence of this secret package is not in the *123# menu. It is quite interesting because there are many choices available, making customers feel confused in choosing a package. best to use.

Therefore, on this occasion we will share XL promo code today which you can immediately try using as follows.

Register for XL Promo Code Today under 50 thousand

Register for XL Promo Code Today under 50 thousand

The presence of the secret code for the XL internet package is enough to give a different impression so that it can change a person's point of view. Some customers really feel they are benefiting because a code like this also offers attractive budling at affordable prices.

However, there are some who think it's normal, because they feel comfortable registering for a quota package via voucher, but unfortunately not all smartphone users know how much the XL package code is because the promo program will only be given physically via SMS.

This is the background why we wrote this article discussing how to register for internet packages via secret dial codes and so on.

After completing searching for information from various discussion forums and in the end we have summarized it into one discussion that you are reading in this article.

XL presents various interesting choices regarding the internet packages it provides, packages like this are offered at affordable prices. You can even get this XL package using today's XL promo code. For secret code options, you can choose from the following:

1. Weekly XL Package Code IDR 5,500

Here we will start explaining the product variants of XL weekly futures. This Blunding certainly has its own advantages even though the validity period is only 7 days.

Basically, some people activate weekly XL internet packages because they are forced to run out of quota. Today's XL promo code, namely *123*4*1*2#, offers customers a 2GB quota on 3G and 4G networks by making a payment of just 5 thousand.

In fact, there are no terms and conditions governing purchases, thereby giving cellphone users more freedom to carry out activities at any time.

For more details, just look at the steps on how to register for a cheap weekly XL internet package of IDR 5,500, including the following:

  • First of all, go to the Call menu and type *123*4*1*2*1# then click Call.
  • If so, a pop up will immediately appear containing information on the weekly XL internet package.
  • Then activate the package until you can activate the XL package just now.
  • If so, just wait until you receive a reply SMS from XL containing information that the package has been successfully activated.

Although in fact, we do not recommend that you purchase this weekly internet package, although due to various considerations, not only is the quota volume obtained small but the short active period is also a drawback of this option.

But it would be better if you purchased a monthly or unlimited quota so you don't seem like you have to worry.

2. Unlimited XL Package Code

Subscribing to an unlimited internet package is one of the hopes of every smartphone user. Through this package, you will be really pampered with internet access without quota for a whole month.

However, this unlimited package usually has an FUP or Fair Usage Policy, just like other providers. This kind of policy regulates daily or monthly fair usage limits, so the unlimited XL package quota can run out quickly.

Even so, you can still use it to access Facebook, streaming, YouTube, send WhatsApp messages and so on. Moreover, this difference lies in the internet speed which will decrease drastically when the FUP is up.

Apart from these shortcomings, in our opinion there are many advantages that make bundling a product that is worth buying.

So, how much is today's XL promo code for the unlimited package? You can activate this offer directly via the code *123*100#. For more details, please see the following:

  • First of all, you enter the Call menu, if so, just type the dial up code *123*100# then press Call.
  • Later a notification or pop up will appear containing XL internet package options.
  • Then you enter the number 1 to make a purchase.
  • If so, enter number 1 again to confirm the purchase.
  • Just wait for a reply SMS from XL containing information that the package has been successfully activated.

3. Monthly Internet Package Code IDR 9,000

This monthly internet package is included in one of the product variants that is very much in demand by smartphone users. Apart from the cheap price, the large quota and the active period which can be said to be relatively long are also a special attraction in the eyes of the public.

This can be proven by the fact that there are many monthly (30) day bundling options on all cellular operators, but the problem is that the majority of monthly XL package prices are around 50 thousand, starting from hotrod, super quota and Xtra combo lite packages.

Therefore, you need an alternative to save on monthly expenses by using the code 8123*999#, which we will explain because this code has various advantages.

Apart from that, a code like this can be used to get a special XL VIVO V9 package with a price of around IDR 9,000 with a quota of 90 MB and 9 GB of Iflix access.

For steps on how to activate cheap monthly XL internet, you can follow the steps as follows:

  • First of all, go to the Call menu and type *123*999# then click Call.
  • Later, two special package offers will appear, such as the Xtra Combo and the V9 package.
  • Please choose a package according to your needs, but this internet package can be obtained as long as your XL number has subscribed to the Extra Combo package or V9 package.
  • Then you just have to wait until the request process is complete.
  • At this stage, your internet package can be used immediately as intended and will be active if you get a reply SMS from the XL operator.

Recommended XL Xtra Combo Plus Promo Code Today

Recommended XL Xtra Combo Plus Promo Code Today

Apart from today's XL promo code, we also have other cheap internet package codes that you can use, one of which is the XL Xtra Combo Plus promo code and for more details, see the following:

1. *500*33#

Just like today's XL promo code, you can use it to get an XL internet package, only with a code like this you can get a main quota of 3GB, unlimited quota for JOOX, PUBG Mobile and 5 other applications priced at IDR 59,000.

2. *123*5778#

*123*5778# is the secret code for the affordable XL internet package, because this code is used to get a social combo package which starts from browsing on Twitter and Facebook and can even chat as much as you like on LINE, BBM and WhatsApp plus this package is for monthly, daily or weekly.

3. *123*4*6*3#

The next cheap XL internet package code is *123*4*6*3#, this code is used to get a 30 GB Xtra quota package which is still active for 30 days at a price of IDR 11,900.

This internet package consists of 15 GB starting from 01.00 to 06.00 and can access Instagram, WhatsApp, BBM, Youtube, Facebook, LINE and 14 GB Iflix.

4. *123*505*2#

This internet package code from XL can be used to purchase a special Twitter internet package which is valid for 30 days at a price of IDR 7,000.

5. *123*544*3#

This code can be used to purchase a special social media package such as Facebook for 30 days priced at IDR 25,000.

6. *123*999#

*123*999# This is the affordable XL internet package code which is used to activate the Xtra Combo package and the special Vivo V9 package which consists of 900 MB of main quota along with 9 GB of Iflix.

7. *123*5*4*1#

This secret code to get the latest affordable XL internet package is *123*5*4*1#, this code can get a super fast package which is priced at 25 thousand consisting of 200 MB starting from 12.00-24.00 and 2 GB at starting from 00.00-12.00.

Apart from that, you also have a super speed package which is priced at IDR 50,000 consisting of a 5.5 GB quota.

How to Enter XL Promo Code Today

How to Enter XL Promo Code Today

To shorten the time, just look at the steps on how to enter today's XL promo code, including the following:

  • The first thing you have to do is rub the back of the XL voucher using a coin.
  • Later, if so, open the telephone application on your cellphone and type *123*234# then press Call.
  • If so, please select the Receive Package option by entering the numbers at the front of the menu.
  • Just type in the 16 digit voucher you have, if you have, please click Send.
  • Then you just have to wait a few moments until an SMS notification appears regarding the package being received.

How to Check XL Promo Codes Today

How to Check XL Promo Codes Today

If the XL voucher has been activated, it would be a good idea to check the remaining quota to control it so that usage is not wasteful. Indeed, the quota will continue to decrease as you use it for the internet, but you need to check it regularly.

There are several steps you can take to check today's XL promo code, including the following:

1. Via the myXL Application

If you want to check your XL voucher quota, you should use myXL, so make sure you have it installed on the Google Play Store or you can go directly via the following link (Download the myXL Application).

Later, if you have, please follow the steps on how to check today's XL promo code using myXL, including the following:

  • Just open the myXL application on your cellphone and log in using your XL number.
  • If so, please enter the OTP code that has been sent to your number.
  • Then you will be directed to the main page of the myXL application.
  • So you will immediately see some information such as remaining credit, remaining quota and promos.
  • Then tap the Data Package button to see the details.

2. Use code *123*7*1#

To shorten the time, just look at the steps on how to check today's XL promo code using the code *123*7*1#, including the following:

  • Just open the telephone application on your cellphone.
  • Later you enter the code *123*7*1#.
  • Then select Check Quota.
  • If so, please select one of the internet packages you want to check, then press OK.
  • So the remaining quota and package validity period will appear.
  • Then you will receive an SMS from the XL provider containing information on the remaining internet quota.

The final word

That is the entire content of our article this time regarding XL Promo Code Today which we have presented in detail for you to use.

However, you need to remember that the promo code that we shared previously may no longer be valid considering that the XL provider always updates its promos.

But there's no harm in experimenting first, who knows, you might be lucky enough to get a free XL voucher code and promo code from XL today. That's all and good luck.

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