8 Causes and Ways to Overcome Facebook Logs Out Alone

It turns out there are several easy ways you can do to overcome Facebook exiting itself. For those of you who are Facebook users, you have certainly experienced problems such as Facebook suddenly leaving itself.

Of course, these obstacles will be very annoying, especially if we are having fun scrolling on this social media.

If you experience these problems then you don't need to worry, because there are still ways you can overcome the Facebook application so that it can run smoothly as it should.

Facebook Logs Out Itself

Here are several ways you can deal with Facebook exiting itself:

  1. Clean HP RAM

The way you can deal with Facebook exiting by itself is by cleaning your cellphone's RAM.

This step is usually taken to overcome indications that your Facebook application has exited on its own or force closed.

  1. Clear Facebook App Cache

The most effective next step to overcome the Facebook application that exits by itself or force closes it is to delete the cache in the application settings menu.

You need to know that cache is a collection of data that is stored during application use and has the aim of speeding up application performance when it is accessed again.

However, cache files that are left to accumulate will certainly burden the cellphone's performance, causing errors.

  1. Clean HP Internal Memory

If you have cleaned your cellphone's RAM, then you are also required to clean the internal memory of the cellphone you are using.

Because excessive use of applications will of course take up a lot of storage on your internal memory.

So, of course, this is one of the reasons why your Facebook can exit by itself.

For this reason, it's up to you to clean your memory so that the problem can be resolved quickly.

  1. Check for viruses in the system

You need to know that viruses in the system will certainly cause your Facebook to experience a force close.

Viruses in the system will certainly disrupt the performance of the application. So you have to make sure you have checked the cellphone system you are using for viruses.

  1. Update the Facebook Application

After you have done the various methods above, the problem with Facebook leaving itself still cannot be overcome.

Then you can immediately update the Facebook application, because application updates will usually fix bugs or system errors in an application.

If you use Android, you can open the Google Play Store and search for the Facebook application, then click update if available.

  1. Restart User Device

The next way to deal with Facebook exiting itself is to restart the device you are using.

This step is also said to be very simple and quite effective because later the cellphone will refresh the data again so that the application can be opened smoothly.

  1. Use Facebook Lite

There's nothing wrong if you try to download and use Facebook Lite when Facebook comes out on its own.

Because this application has a fairly small size and makes it easy for your cellphone to load the full data on Facebook Lite without any problems such as errors.

  1. Restore To Factory Settings

Restoring the device to factory settings can also be done when you experience problems such as Facebook exiting by itself.

This is done to refresh the user's cellphone system so that the Facebook application can be opened smoothly.

To do this, you can go to the cellphone settings menu and enter additional settings. Then select the create backup and research menu, then select delete all content and settings.

The final word

That's all the explanation about Facebook exiting itself that we can convey, hopefully the explanation we share this time can solve your Facebook error.

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