7 Solo Leveling Characters You Need to Get to Know Before Watching the Anime!

At the beginning of 2024, we will have many interesting new anime, one of which is Solo Leveling. This anime, which is adapted from a webtoon with the same title, is eagerly awaited by many people. Apart from the interesting storyline, characters Solo Leveling also has a background that is no less unique.

Several characters Solo Leveling even has very powerful strength. The uniqueness of the characters Solo Leveling This also doesn't rule out the possibility that it will make viewers more captivated by the anime so they really look forward to the latest episodes every week.

So, below We will discuss a series of characters Solo Leveling the most important thing for you to know. Come on, take a look!

List of characters Solo Leveling

1. Sung Jinwoo


Sung Jinwoo is the main character of the anime Solo Leveling. Sung Jinwoo is said to be the weakest monster hunter ever and is ranked E, aka the lowest level. Therefore, it is not surprising that Jinwoo often gets ridiculed by other hunters, especially those from the level above him.

However, through an incident, Jinwoo received additional powers from a mysterious program called System. This then makes him have various powerful abilities for hunting monsters. This new power also made Jinwoo immediately rise to the top level, namely S-rank.

Despite his sudden and powerful new powers, Jinwoo remains humble and cares about his friends and family. In fact, Jinwoo often behaves politely when dealing with monsters.

2. Cha Hae-in

Male viewers will most likely be immediately enamored with the characters Solo Leveling this one. Because, in the webtoon version, Cha Hae-in is depicted as a woman with blonde hair badass. Cha Hae-in's appearance in the anime version is not too different.

Cha Hae-in is an S-rank hunter and is even the only woman who has succeeded in having an S-rank. This cannot be separated from Cha Hae-in's fighting ability using a sword, which is considered superior to most hunter.

Oh yes, Hae-in also has the ability to smell the stench of other hunters as a warning to him. However, according to Hae-in, Jinwoo was the only one hunter with a pleasant smell to smell. In the continuation of the anime, Hae-in will have a relationship with Jung Jinwoo who has just leveled up to rank S.

3. Baek Yoonho


Baek Yoonho is an S-rank hunter who is known to have a serious personality. Yoonho is known as hunter specialist in shapeshifting techniques. Baek Yoonho can transform himself into a giant with a white lion-like appearance which then gives him greater speed and power so he can defeat monsters more easily.

4. Yoo Jinho


Different from a number of characters Solo Leveling Previously, Yoo Jinho was a D-rank hunter, aka the second lowest level. Even so, Jinho's presence can still make the audience captivated by him. Because, a lot of the comedy in this anime actually comes from the figure of Jinho who has a very pleasant personality.

Yoo Jinho is also said to come from a very rich family. In the story Solo Leveling, Jinho has a very close and loyal friendship with Sung Jinwoo. In fact, even though he only has D-rank Hunter status, Jinho is the representative of guilds belongs to Jinwoo because he has the trust of the main character.

5. Choi Jongin

Choi Jongin is an S-rank hunter and leader of the Hunters Guild. Jongin is known as an expert in fire magic which makes him able to manipulate fire to attack monsters. Character Solo Leveling who is synonymous with the color red, is also known as an intelligent man who is able to solve various problems calmly.

6. Thomas Andre

Unlike a number of previous characters, Thomas Andre doesn't have a Korean name, but rather a name like that of people from the United States. This is because Thomas Andre is a hunter from the United States. In fact, Thomas Andre is the strongest hunter in the United States, as well as one of five National Level Hunters who are ranked first in the world.

Thomas Andre is known as a figure who has a very large and muscular body, so it is not surprising that he is in the Tanker hunter class. Despite his intimidating appearance, Thomas Andre is known as someone who places great importance on friendship and respect.

7. Go Gunhee

Go Gunhee is the leader of the hunter association in South Korea, who is also an S-rank hunter. While still active as hunter, Go Gunhee is known to have punches with such powerful force that they can destroy ice or even repel energy attacks. Now, Gunhee is better known as a hunter association leader who has a strong work ethic.


So, that's a list of characters Solo Leveling what you need to know before watching the anime. Of these characters, who is your favorite? Share your opinion and keep following We for other interesting articles about anime, OK!

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