7 Facts about the Alienoid Part 2 Film, a Korean Film Costing 1 Trillion

Film Alienoid Part 2 or Alienoids: Return to the Future officially screened in Indonesian cinemas on January 24 2024. This story continues the story of Lee Ahn (Kim Tae-ri) who is preparing to return to the future to save the Earth after successfully obtaining the Divine Blade.

In this sequel story, interactions between aliens, robots and humans living in 2022 are the main glue in developing the storyline. Alienoid Part 2 It also depicts various characters living in different times, so that the time setting of the story is presented in a dynamic way, building the character's story and overall worldview.

The film's official poster reads, “We must return. To protect everyone,” has created high enthusiasm among the audience. With these high expectations, audiences can't wait to watch this film which is guaranteed to be a sensation in the cinema.

Alienoid Film Facts Part 2

1. Synopsis of Alienoid Part 2

The film Alienoid Part 2 tells the story of the emergence of a mysterious portal that connects two different eras, namely Korea during the Goryeo era and Korea today. The presence of the portal created chaos and confusion in both eras.

The Goryeo era brought Taoists from the Goryeo dynasty searching for a legendary sword, while in 2022, people are chasing alien prisoners trapped in human bodies. Moo Reuk, a fickle character from Tao, has the determination to get the legendary sword, while Lee Ahn, a woman who can shoot lightning, is also involved in this event.

At the end of the Alienoid Part 1 story, it is revealed that the controller has actually been inhabiting Mu Reuk's body all this time. The divine artifact that the aliens and Yi An were aiming for has been found, but their journey is still not finished. They need to go back to the future to save all of humanity.

Previously, Yi An had to find Thunder, a power that could take them to the future. However, Mu Reuk begins to realize that there is an evil side within himself, and his worries grow when the controller inside his body wakes up one day.

In the future, the aliens begin releasing doses of Haava, and several individuals, including Yi An and Mu Reuk from the Goryeo era, arrive there. Apart from that, the magician duo who previously fought with Yi An in the Goryeo era were also present in this fight.

2. Lots of New Characters

In Alienoid Part 2, the presence of new characters who appear in different time periods adds confusion for the audience. There are eight new characters who add to the excitement of this Korean film, including Kim Tae Ri, So Ji Sub, Honey Lee, and Yum Jung Ah.

Characters such as public officials Min Gae-in (Lee Ha-nee) and Neung-pa (Jin Seon-kyu) make brief appearances without detailed explanations. However, it turns out that both of them have a key role in developing the final story of Alienoid: Return to the Future.

They all gather with various weapons in hand to face the threat of evil aliens who are trying to destroy Earth. Muruk, played by Ryu Jun-Yeol, also returns with his efforts to understand the events on the night of Lee Ahn's arrival into his century. He is assisted by Right Paw (Shin Jung-geun) and Left Paw (Lee Si-hoon), who have exchanged their cat forms for human forms.

3. Alienoid Part 2 has been prepared from the start

The production process for the film Alienoid has begun in March 2020 with a narrative that continues to develop. Interestingly, even though this film has not been released yet, there are already preparations for a sequel.

It was announced that Ryu Jun Yeol and Kim Tae Ri would remain as the main actors in this sequel. Unfortunately, reports say that Kim Woo Bin may not appear in the sequel. Luckily, you can still see Kim Woo Bin in this sequel and his presence makes the audience even more enthusiastic.

4. It took Kim Woo Bin 8 hours to read the synopsis

Kim Woo Bin, who has been absent from the small screen for six years, returns to appear in his latest film entitled Alienoid Part 2. In this project, the 33 year old actor revealed that he spent 8 hours reading the synopsis.

This is quite interesting considering that Kim Woo Bin has never previously been involved in a science fiction film, showing his enthusiasm and dedication to this new project after his hiatus.

5. Made by a Famous South Korean Director

The film Alienoid was made by legendary director Choi Dong Hoon, who has achieved success with several famous Korean films before.

Before taking control in AlienoidsChoi Dong Hoon has successfully directed a number of successful films, including Assassination (2015), The Thieves (2012), The Big Swindle (2004), and Tazza: The High Rollers (2006). His skill in presenting a compelling story and his experience in directing popular films adds to the expectations for success Alienoid Part 2.

6. Director Prepares Spectacular Action

In this film, writer and director Dong-hoon Choi presents impressive, spectacular action. The climactic battle in this film involves the main role played by Lee Hanee (known from “Don't Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus” and “Black Money”). Her character, Min Gae-in, is much more than just the comic relief she first appeared.

In this fight, he shows off his skills with some stunning kicks, as well as acting as a link between the past and the present. The scenes feature a variety of elements, including swords, magic, alien monsters, and even a train crash, creating an action-packed spectacular for the audience to enjoy.

7. Production costs up to 1 trillion

The film Alienoid Part 2 requires a production budget of 70 billion won, equivalent to around IDR 1 trillion. These high production costs are commensurate with the complexity of the film, which includes a mix of elements such as aliens, robots, modern characters, and sword-wielding heroes.

All the visual effects in this film use CGI technology, giving it an impressive appearance. Not only the visual effects, but the sets, costumes and weapons for the scenes set in the 1300s are also designed with extraordinary detail.

By combining these elements, Alienoid: Return to the Future clearly shows a commitment to high production quality, making it a big-budget project, even keeping up with the high standards of the Korean film industry.


Those are the facts about the film Alienoid Part 2 which you can watch in the cinema as a weekend viewing option. Oh yes, you can also read the Alienoid Part 2 review here.

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