7 Easy Steps to Change Whatsapp Wallpaper on Android Smartphone

Who doesn’t know Whatsapp (WA) ? This instant messaging service is very popular. Being the most widely used worldwide. Almost all of us use it. Good for private messages with friends, or discussions with many friends in a group. What makes WA so popular is of course because it’s easy to use aliases user-friendly. Apart from that, the features are also continuously updated.

Besides being easy to use, we can also use itcustom the display of chat background wallpapers according to our wishes so as not to be bored. Here are easy steps to change the WA wallpaper on an Android smartphone.

1. Open the WhatsApp application

First of all, open the Whatsapp application on your Android smartphone. Make sure your Whatsapp application has been updated to the latest version. To update WhatsApp directly to Google Play Store. After opening the WA application, a display will appear as below:

2. Select point 3

Next select “point 3” as in the image below.

click point 3

3. Select the “Settings” menu

Next select the menu “Settings” as circled below:

click the settings menu

4. Select the “Chat” menu

Then, select the menu “Chats” as circled below:

click the chat menu

5. Select the “Wallpaper” menu

Continue selecting the menu “Wallpapers” like the picture below.

click on the wallpapers menu

6. Select “Gallery” to select an image

Next is select “Gallery” if you want to choose your collection image as wallpaper.

select gallery

7. Select Setup

Finally, after you select the image you want as wallpaper, all you have to do is click the menu “Set”. And your WA background wallpaper has been successfully changed to a new one.

click set

Those are the steps to change the WA background wallpaper with the image to your liking. Very easy right?

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