6 Ways to Check the MBTI Chemistry test

The MBTI Chemistry test is a way to see or find out someone’s chemistry.

Through MBTI, you can find out how your chemistry is with other people.

Who is the other person? With anyone, it could also be South Korean idols, like NCT.

Currently, many NCTzens are trying to use the MBTI Chemistry test with the aim of checking whether someone’s MBTI matches their bias MBT in NCT.

You also check chemistry through this MBTI.

If you don’t know how, you can read the article we are presenting at this time.

Because in this article we will write about how to check the MBTI Chemistry test.

By reading the article we wrote, you will know how to check your chemistry with someone.

Therefore, you have to read this article as carefully as possible, so that you can immediately check the condition of your chemistry with other people.

And of course, make sure you read this article to the end, so that you can easily check chemistry via MBTI.

MBTI Chemistry test

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You may be wondering what is meant by this term. So that you are not curious, we will explain below.

So the MBTI Chemistry test is a simple test to measure a person’s chemistry with other people.

To measure someone’s chemistry based on each person’s MBTI.

In essence, this test can find out whether your MBT is in sync with other people’s MBTI.

You can try to test your MBTI with your MBTI idol, just like NCTI 127, NCT Dream, BTS and your other idols.

Within this MBTI is the main domain. The following are the domains contained in the MBTI:

  1. Introvert-Extrovert
  2. Sensing-intuition
  3. Thinking-feeling
  4. Judging-perceiving

Those are the domains contained in the MBTI, so you can check your chemistry, so you know the results.

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How to Check the MBTI Chemistry test

Checking chemistry is actually very easy, but there are still some people who can’t.

But if you are still confused about how to check, we will give you tips regarding this matter.

The following is how to use the MBTI Chemistry test:

  1. The first thing you have to do is know your MBTI.
  2. Then you can open the site on this page https://ddok9.com/en/mbti
  3. After that, you enter your name, if you have entered MBTI according to the results of the previous test you did.
  4. Just press the save button and see how we hit it, continue by clicking add MBTI Directly.
  5. You can enter NCT Dream members or enter your friend’s name.
  6. Click the save button and see how we hit it, wait for the results.

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