5 Valorant Phantom Skins to be Good at Valorant

For those of you who are Phantom players in Valorant, you will definitely like using certain skins to support your game. Moreover, the suggestions given to certain weapons make us more confident in killing the enemy.

We will discuss the 5 best phantom skin versions of Mimin so that you can follow Mimin who uses these 5 phantom skins.

5 Valorant Phantom Skins

1. Ruination Phantom

Ruination Phantom is in first place according to Mimin. The sound effects and also the kill effects that are produced give suggestions to us so that we can easily aim at the enemy’s head and win the game.

This skin is quite popular because Ruination has a satisfying sound effect when hitting an ace and has a feeling of being easy to control.

2. Phantom Ions

This skin has a laser-like sound which makes us feel like we are using prime vandal but with quite a deep sound. This alien vandal is a skin that is quite popular too.

Mimin herself uses this skin because according to Mimin Phantom this is quite heavy so it’s easy to aim at the enemy.

3. Oni Phantom

This Phantom skin is a skin that is quite widely used because it has a good effect. The Japanese samurai effect that makes us interested in using this skin and also a variety of nice colors.

Having an effect like being hit by a samurai and becoming a samurai during the Japanese era, this skin is still widely used in ranked matches.

4. Phantom Recon

This skin does not have the same effect as other Phantoms. What makes this phantom special is the grip of this phantom as if we were using a weapon like in the battle royale game.

Apart from that, it makes it easy for us to control this Phantom to kill enemies in plain sight. Mimin often uses this Phantom because Mimin’s suggestion that this skin can be controlled easily.

5. Spectrum Phantoms

This skin is a skin that is quite rare and has interesting sound, kill and inspection effects. In terms of phantom sound effects, this is quite interesting to hear. Meanwhile, for inspections a song will appear that will make us continue to inspect.

How about valorant players? Is there anything similar to Mimin’s Phantom Skin? do you have your own skin version?

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