5 Tips for Playing Tryndamere Wild Rift

5 tips for playing Tryndamere Wild Rift. There are lots of champions currently in Wild Rift that you can use. With so many champions, their characteristics will definitely be different. One of the characteristics that Tryndamere has is that this champion has a very high damage output and sustain that cannot be underestimated!

Tryndamere maybe if you look at it roughly. you guys will think this is an easy champion. With fairly simple skills and no complicated mechanisms like high tier Baron champions like Yasuo and Fiora, that’s roughly true. But the fact is that Tryndamere is a champion that requires good micro management.

What is meant by micro-management here is that you have to be good at managing Tryndamere’s passive skills. It’s important to decide when to save the stack and when to use the stack to heal. Especially in teamfight where everything always happens so fast.

Here, let’s discuss 5 tips for playing Tryndamere Wild Rift. This very tough champion is also suitable for beginners. The most important thing is that you know how passive works and how you can use Tryndamere’s skillset. One of the strongest duelists currently in Wild Rift.

Your Micro Passive

The key and most important thing when playing Tryndamere is that you have to be smart in managing your passive. Micro management will be felt later, especially if you want to be strong in playing this champion, you have to know when to collect passives and when to use them to heal.

Always Build Crit

Tryndamere is a champion who doesn’t have many types of build items, he usually always uses crit builds. The reason is because his passive and dash skill will be very strong if the crits keep coming out. Apart from that, collecting stacks will be easier if you can increase your crit chance.

Tryndamere’s Dash Can Be Spammed

You will be able to spam Tryndamere’s dash skill in the mid or late game later. The reason is because every crit will reduce the CD of this skill. If you think Tryndamere is a tough champion then you are wrong. In teamfight, Tryndamere is a champion who cannot stay still.

His CC Slow AoE is very strong

Tryndamere has an interesting CC slow AoE. This skill will reduce your opponent’s damage, perfect for 1v1 or teamfights. Not only that, if enemies who are affected by this effect run in the opposite direction from Tryndamere, they will be slowed down. Therefore Tryndamere can easily hunt down his opponent.

Use Ulti at the right time

Tryndamere’s Ulti is very strong and is often said to be “panic button”. The reason is that this skill can keep Tryndamere from dying! Very strong in turret diving or teamfight. Not only that, when Tryndamere uses the ulti, he will get quite a lot of Rage stacks.

Understand these 5 tips for playing Tryndamere Wild Rift so that you can use this barbarian king. Tryndamere is a very strong champion at the moment thanks to a skillset that is indeed advantageous in fighting and also in teamfights later. Unfortunately he is very weak with CC and lockdown, so be careful. Also follow our social media on Instagram.

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