5 Heroes and Counter Items for Vexana Mobile Legends

Hero which was released a long time ago Mobile Legends it is very rare to enter META. But since it has revamp, heroes – heroes This legacy finally has the opportunity to be successful again, one example is Vexana.

In META now, Vexana is one of them hero mage which is a terrible blessing to exist buff And revamp what he got in the last few patches. In fact, in fashion ranked Vexana often becomes first pick hero because of the effect crowd control-which is very troublesome for his enemies.

Not only that, the animation of each Vexana skill has now also been optimized, making skill combos even more difficult to avoid. Therefore, it is natural that Vexana is now one of them hero mage the most contested in each matches-his.

But, even though it has been said over power, You can still overcome Vexana with some hero and the items I will discuss in this post. Without further ado, let's just look at the following
5 Heroes and Counter Items for Vexana Mobile Legends which you can try.


1. Claude

Claude is one of marksman hero the most effective for dealing with Vexana.

This is because Claude can teleport with
Battle Mirror Image (skill 2) to find Vexana who is often at the back of the line.

Not only that, Claude's agile movements are also an advantage for him to be able to dodge every combo skill that Vexana has.

2. Barats

If you like playing tank jungler, Barats
could be a solution hero which is right for you to face Vexana.

Same as jungler tank hero Another thing, Barats is equipped with high durability to withstand any damage from Vexana's skill combo.

Apart from that, Barats is also equipped with effects resilience in his passive skill which can reduce the duration of the effect crowd control which he received. In other words, Barats can escape the effects more quickly
crowd control Vexana's when his passive stack is full.

3. Benedetta

Minimal escape skills which is owned by Vexana makes
hero someone as agile as Benedetta could overthrow him easily.

To confront heroes – mage heroesBenedetta is further favored, because she has a lot of effects dash which he can use to dodge every skill issued by his opponents.

Effect from An Eye for An Eye (skill 2) Benedetta which can reverse the effect crowd control also very powerful, because this skill can reverse the effect crowd control from Vexana's skills to himself.

4. Kadita

For those who like the same hero burst, then Kadita is the most appropriate answer to be counters for Vexana.

Yep, as you already know, Kadita has a very deadly skill combo that can even overthrow fighter hero And
tank in one fell swoop.

Fighter And tank I can't even fall with Kadita, what's more
hero mage Like Vexana, who has little life, you will definitely be knocked out if your Kadita skill combo is right on target.

Even though it rarely appears on rankedKadita is still there
worth it for you to use in META now. Hero This can even carry a team alone if you can maximize its potential.

5. Ling

Same with Benedetta,
you can also make it as counters for Vexana thanks to his agile mobility and height burst damage that he has.

Since its release, Ling has been known as
hero assassin which is deadly, because its ability to fly between walls makes its attacks very difficult to predict.

You can also use Ling's agile movements to achieve maximum objectives, such as doing
split push for example, if your team is under pressure.

Ling could indeed be an option hero which is the right one to be a Vexana counter if you can master the mechanics.

Apart from Ling, you can also use hero such as Lancelot, Hayabusa, and Fanny who have similar abilities.


1. Athena's Shield

Vexana's main capabilities lie in burst damage each skill is very high, so to overcome it you are obliged to buy items Athena's Shield.

Athena's Shield equipped with a passive effect in the form of reduction
25% magic damage for 3 seconds which you can use to reduce the high burst damage owned by Vexana.

Plus, with high attributes magic defense which is on
Athena's Shield automatically create hero you guys become thicker when dealing with heroes – mage heroes like Vexana.

Athena's Shield very suitable for use fighter hero And
tank to make their durability thicker when facing team fight long-term.

2. Tough Boots

Even though it is only considered a shoe item, Tough Boots It turns out to be a very effective item for you to use when dealing with Vexana.

That's because Tough Boots has a passive form
30% resilience which will reduce the duration of the effect by 30%
crowd control Which hero you accept.

Apart from that, this item also has attributes magic defense which you can use to reduce damage Vexana in phase
early game.

Tough Boots It is indeed a trivial item, but never underestimate its effect, because in certain conditions this shoe item can be a lifesaver hero you guys.


1. Flickers

Flickers is a recommendation battle spells the right one to make hero You can avoid Vexana's skill combo. Effect
blinkYou can use it either to escape or to chase enemies who are running away.

However, you need to remember that the effects cooldown from
flicker This is quite long (120 seconds), which is necessary
timings the right way so that the effect is not wasted.

2. Purify

So that you can immediately escape the effects crowd control Vexana's, you can use battle spells this one.

Purify is battle spells which has an anti-effect
crowd control, which means you won't be affected
crowd control while using purify.

Purify very good for you to use heroes – heroes who doesn't have much escape skillslike marksman And
mage to make them more defensive when faced with many hero with effect crowd control.


That's 5 Heroes and Counter Items for Vexana Mobile Legends which you can use.

Please remember that the entire contents of this post only come from my personal opinion. Therefore, if any of you want to provide additional information, please just write it in the comments column.

Thank You.


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