5 Differences between Tablets and iPads from Various Aspects + Prices

Before buying a communication device, it is a good idea to know the detailed specifications well. Just like when choosing between a tablet or iPad. Even though at first glance they look the same, in fact there are differences between tablets and iPads.

So, before choosing one of the two, you must know the differences well so that later you can choose according to your needs. If explained in general terms, a tablet is a device with a basic Android system.

Meanwhile, the iPad is a tablet only released by Apple. Make sure before buying it to first check its function properly. Does it meet your needs or not?

It turns out that this is the difference between tablets and iPads

Mobile phones are important and must be owned. However, having other gadgets is also necessary. For example, tablets and ipads. Did you know that iPads and tablets are not the same? The two are clearly different.

If a tablet has usability specifications like Android, it turns out that the iPad is actually a product from Apple. Well, apart from that, it turns out there are still several things that differentiate between tablets and iPads.

1. Professional Application

Before deciding to buy a tablet or iPad, it is very important for you to know the differences between the two. One of the differences between a tablet and an iPad is related to professional applications.

If you compare the iPad with a tablet in terms of professional applications, the iPad is superior to the tablet. Many professional applications that are industry standard and generally found on PCs or laptops are actually easy to find on iPads.

For example, graphic design applications on iPad cannot be found on tablets, such as Procreate, Affinity Designer, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Therefore, if your need for professional applications is quite high, it is recommended to use an iPad.

2. Optimization of Running Applications

If someone asks what the difference is between a tablet and an iPad, apart from professional applications, apparently there is also optimization of running applications. A number of applications or software run smoothly and more optimally on an iPad than an Android tablet.

This is of course because applications on the iPad are much more focused on being developed for tablet devices which have a wider screen size. Meanwhile, Android tablets are the main applications developed specifically for smartphone devices.

Tablets rely more on displays with responsive design compared to iPads. In essence, not everything on a tablet can be optimized right down to the engine inside the device.

3. Update OS

If we talk about the differences between iPad vs Android tablet, it certainly sounds very interesting. Especially for those of you who want to buy this product. The difference between the two can also be seen from the operating system updates.

Usually Android tablets offer only 1 operating system update. More or less the time period is only 1 to 2 years. It's different with the iPad. iPad provides operating system updates on iPad devices for up to 4 years after the release date.

This will make iPad users feel calmer because the device has a good and good security system for the next few years. So, for those of you who are lazy about constantly updating your operating system, try using an iPad.

4. Service Life

The difference between tablets and iPads can also be seen from their lifespan. Although many people think that the lifespan of a device is relative to the user itself, in fact quite a few can see the difference in lifespan between a tablet and an iPad.

If you look at it from the software side, the iPad tends to have better advantages compared to Android tablets. This will of course be in line with the lifespan of an iPad which can be longer than an Android tablet.

For those of you who want to use a tablet device that lasts longer, of course there's no harm in trying using an iPad. However, you also have to be wiser when using this device so that it will last longer in the future.

5. Product Price

There are certainly differences in product prices between tablets and iPads. In fact, it feels like this has become an open secret. When compared with the iPad, Android tablets have a more affordable price than the iPad.

It seems you can easily find Android tablets in various gadget shops at low prices. You can choose a variety of tablets according to your needs. Even now, Android tablet brands also vary greatly.

Starting from just hundreds of thousands of rupiah, you can get an Android tablet that suits your needs. However, if you want to look a little cool, then there's no harm in trying using an Android tablet.

Recommendations for the Best Tablet and iPad Prices

For those of you who want to choose between an iPad and a tablet, of course you need recommendations first. Make sure which product you choose suits your needs. The following is a list of recommended tablets and iPads that could be your choice.

1. iPad

iPad has several advantages compared to Android tablets. The types of iPad are also very diverse. There are iPad mini, iPad Air, regular iPad and iPad Pro. If you are confused about which one to choose, perhaps the following recommendations can be a reference.

Product name Superiority Price
iPad (Generation 9) Has a quick note feature and is easy to take screenshots. Rp.6,299,000.00.
iPad Mini (Generation 6) It is more comfortable to hold, light weight, has good performance and is comfortable for playing games. Rp. 8,399,000.00.
iPad Pro 12.9 inch (Generation 5) ROM capacity reaches 2 TB, has a liquid retina XDR display screen which is comfortable for the eyes. Rp. 19,799,000.00.
iPad Air (Generation 4) Supports high productivity and has landscape stereo. Rp. 10,000,000.00.
iPad Pro 11 It has a wide screen and great speakers. Rp. 29,170,000.00.

2. Android Tablets

You can choose Tab or iPad according to your needs. Make sure you will use the product according to its capacity. If you want to choose an Android tablet, then you should choose one from the following list of recommendations.

Product name Superiority Price
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Has a sharp, clear and responsive display. Rp. 16,299,000.00.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G It has a wide screen, low latency for writing and the internal storage can still be expanded. Rp. 7,700,000.00.
Huawei MatePad 11 Allows to open 4 applications simultaneously and offers the latest generation M pencil. Rp. 7,000,000.00.
Samsung Galaxy S7 It has good image quality so it is comfortable to use for multimedia purposes. Rp. 11,650,000.00.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Can make writing and drawing activities of higher quality. Rp. 10,386,000.00.

You really need to pay attention to the differences between tablets and iPads before you make a product purchase. If you want a tablet for professional application needs, you should just use an iPad. Choose the iPad that best suits your needs.

However, if you want to choose an Android tablet, of course it won't be a problem. Because, the price of Android tablets can be more affordable compared to iPads. Use your gadget wisely according to your needs.

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