5 Complete Ways to Write Unique Writing on Whatsapp

So that life is not boring and has several variations, this time we will share tricks for making unique writing in Whatsapp chat.

This application, which has become part of Facebook, has indeed provided this feature for use.

This unique and varied writing feature includes (bold) bold, (strikethrough) writing crossed out, (italics) italics, and others.

By being able to create unique writing, every piece of writing we write will be more useful and useful.

Especially for those of you who want every article you convey to be understood correctly by the person you are chatting with. This method will certainly be very useful for you.

Follow these steps to be able to create unique and funny WhatsApp writing.

Make italic (Italic) writing on WhatsApp

For the first part, we will enter how to make italics on WhatsApp.

Italics or italics are useful for adding sentences and words in foreign languages ​​such as English. This can also be useful for other terms that refer to other languages ​​than the entire text.

The way to make italics that must be done on the Whatsapp application is to embed an underscore or underscore symbol (_) in the front and back of a sentence or word. For example _digitalponsel.com_.

Make Bold (Bold) Writing in WA

Apart from being able to make italics, the Whatsapp application can also make bold writing.

Bold words and sentences have an emphasis function which can be interpreted as very important and mandatory so they must have this special symbol.

So that you can make bold writing, the way to do this is to put an asterisk

at the front and at the back of a word and sentence that is needed.  For example *digitalponsel.com*

How to Make Bold Text on Whatsapp

Create a Middle Strikethrough (Strikethrough) in WA

And in this third method, we can create a strikethrough sentence.

This strikethrough font has a function in the form of correction of words that are inappropriate in writing or chat.

The way to use this middle strikethrough on Whatsapp is to add a wave or tilde (~) symbol at the beginning and end of a sentence we want.  For example: ~digitalponsel.com~.

How to make middle strikethrough text on WhatsApp

Create Unique Monospace Writing on WhatsApp

There are many more unique posts that can be produced on WhatsApp. Among them is embedding writing with a font called Monospace. By using Monospace, the resulting writing in the font will be like the writing style of the 80s or culture


In order to have a MonoSpace display, we can place a comma or apostrophe (''') at the beginning of the word and the end of the word.  For example '''digitalponsel.com'''

How to make monospaced text on Whatsapp

From the various ways above, making unique writing on Whatsapp will provide insight that can be useful for you to make writing more effective. Apart from that, this writing device is also useful so that the chat we use is not boring.

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