5 Characters Suitable for Aquila Favonia Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has lots of weapons that you should try. Moreover, there are 5 characters suitable for using Aquila Favonia Genshin Impact, of course this weapon will deal high damage. Because the improvements we can have from these weapons are indeed very strong.

Aquila Favonia is a sword type weapon that can provide a very high Base Attack, then the second stat of this weapon is also Physical Damage. If you have reached Level 90, then you will receive a Base Attack of 674 and a Physical Attack of 41.3%.

If yesterday we already knew the 5 Characters Who Use the Wolf’s Gravestone Genshin Impact Weapon, that means of course there are Aquila Favonia. Because this weapon is considered to be very supportive for only a few characters, so that the character you have gets sicker.

Based on my own Esports experience, of the 5 Characters Suitable for Aquila Favonia Genshin Impact, many of them are suitable. Not only in terms of ability when attacking, but to give big buffs to the party you can also feel when you use this.

Characters Suitable for Using Aquila Favonia Genshin Impact


The first and definitely the most suitable is Jean, the original owner of the Aquila Favonia Weapon in Genshin Impact. This will provide commensurate strength, because Jean has a high level of Physical Damage and Support from his Attack.

Jean also mostly gives lots of Physical builds and uses Aquila Favonia Weapons. Of course, if you also want to try it, you can immediately pair Build Jean Genshin Impact so that its power is completely invincible.

The character suitable for using Aquila Favonia Genshin Impact is Keqing

Then the next character that is suitable for using Aquila Favonia is Keqing, a suitable character for us to build Physical DPS. Even though they have Electro Vision too, there are some Travelers who choose the Physical Build because of the excellent sword skills.

If you want to make Keqing stronger, then you must first know the Keqing Genshin Impact Build now. So that later you don’t find it difficult to determine, even if you already know what the target in the build will be like.

Qiqi is a character suitable for Aquila Favonia Genshin Impact

Then the support that has Vision Cryo, Qiqi is indeed one that is suitable for using the Aquila Favonia weapon. It depends on what kind of Qiqi you want to build, but what is clear is that Physical or Heal is also very suitable when you use it in a party.

Moreover, building Qiqi Genshin Impact itself is not too difficult, those of you who really like using it don’t need to worry anymore. Save the Qiqi build that uses the Aquila Weapon, one day it will definitely be used by you in battle and Spirals.


How come Support is included in the use of the Aquila Favonia Weapon? Of course who else if not Bennet. This character is the most widely used support, has an increased Buff attack when issuing a fairly large Ultimate Area.

This increased damage will be calculated as equal to Bennet’s Base attack. So if for example the Base Attack banner is indeed bigger than the character’s Level + Aquila’s Base Attack, then it will make it bigger in giving additional bonus Attacks.

Character Suitable for Aquila Favonia Genshin Impact is Traveler (Aether / Lumine)

So if you don’t have that character and only have a Traveler, then just use that character. The physical strength of Aether or Lumine is indeed great, it will definitely help you to be stronger in dealing physical damage to your opponent.

But we really have to attach things like this to the correct Build, even the Elements that we use later. So that you have a bigger chance, so that the taste won’t be less when you use it.

After you know the 5 Characters Suitable for Aquila Favonia Genshin Impact, then the strength of the character you are using is more stable. You won’t feel a lack of Physical Damage or additional Buff, because Aquila’s attack itself is deadly from passive.

Then to find out the Thoma Genshin Impact Character Build, the preparations we can do before getting this character. It will definitely help players so that later they don’t have difficulty deciding, because the build itself is correct, right?

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