5 Best PC Gaming Cases with Cool Designs Today

PC casings from the factory usually have a fairly monotonous appearance and seem less attractive to look at. For those of you who want to replace the casing, you can try the recommendations for 5 gaming PC casings that are suitable for gamers. Here are some of the best and cheapest gaming PC casings that could be your choice.

Some of the Best PC Gaming Casing Options that You Can Try

PowerLogic Futura Neo XV100

The PowerLogic Futura Neo XV100 is a very cool and luxurious casing, besides that it also has a side panel feature which makes the performance of this casing even better.

Not only that, this casing is also equipped with a cooling feature so that components such as the Mobo and PSU in the case don't get too hot when used to play quite heavy games.

You must have this case! Why? Because this casing has a fairly simple shape but looks very cool with a very interesting combination of features.

This casing also has quite complete features and supports your gaming activities. You can get the PowerLogic Futura Neo XV100 casing for Rp. 270,000.

Armaggeddon Nanotron T1X

The Armaggeddon Nanotron T1X casing is chosen by many gamers for their gaming PCs because it has a very attractive appearance and looks cool.

It has the advantage of providing a combination of LED lights, fans and a dashboard that is very charming and very satisfying and classy.

This casing is made of material acrylic which is very strong and also transparent. As for price, the Armaggeddon Nanotron T1X PC casing is usually priced at Rp. 300,000.

VenomRX Warlord

This time the casing comes from VenomRX Warlord, it has a cool shape and is very suitable for use on your gaming PC. This CPU casing provides various additional features that can satisfy gamers, one of which is the USB 3.0 x 2 post which is placed on the front panel.

If you are a gamer who likes to play games that are quite heavy, your PC will definitely heat up quickly because it will work harder. For this reason, this casing is equipped with a CPU Cooler after marker feature which functions to cool your PC so it doesn't get too hot.

This casing could be a solution to prevent your gaming PC's CPU from being seriously damaged. The VenomRX Warlord casing is priced at Rp. 337,000.

Digital Alliance N12B

Digital Alliance N12B, this CPU casing is quite popular among gaming circles because it is used by gamers around the world, and has a very complete shape and features.

This CPU casing supports Micro ATX/ITX class motherboards, and what's interesting about this casing is that you can freely add several supporting devices to all parts of this casing very easily.

This casing has a design that is quite modern or you could say contemporary with a combination of beautiful colors and makes it look very luxurious and exclusive. The price for this Digital Alliance N12B casing is IDR. 390,000.

Cube Gaming Uxara

This casing is a product that is quite well known in Indonesia. Cube Gaming is one of the casing manufacturers that always presents excellent products. This casing also has its own advantages in terms of aesthetics which makes your entire rig look very beautiful.

The price offered is also very affordable compared to other brands. One of the very good ones is the Uxara Gaming Cube which is an ATX Slim Case that can accommodate a fairly large ATX motherboard. Apart from that, there is also a side window which will make it more beautiful and elegant.

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