3 Ways to Log Out of WhatsApp [Mudah] And [AMAN]

At the time this article was created, the most widely used instant messaging application in the world was WhatsApp. This application is also very popular in Indonesia, WhatsApp has had a different cultural impact, especially in the way people communicate.

This can be seen how every family in Indonesia can connect with others easily. During family gatherings, the event also becomes more lively because the relationship is reconnected with the WhatsApp application.

Everyone definitely wants to always be connected to WhatsApp, to strengthen relationships, for example. However, sometimes there are many problems so that WhatsApp can always be connected, one of which is problems when changing numbers. To be able to change the number we have to Log Out first.

Here are the easy steps to Log Out WhatsApp on your smartphone.

Log out of WhatsApp on an Android smartphone

  • First of all open the WhatsApp application
  • Before the Log Out step, you should back up your WhatsApp data first. Because if you don’t do the backup step, every chat history on your WhatsApp will be completely deleted.
  • You can point your finger at the button arrangement (three dots) at the top right.
  • Then click after at the bottom.

Log Out WhatsApp Select Chat

  • Next you can find a button in the form of writing back up chat.

Select Backup

  • Next we can press back up or backupsthe function of this button is to save the data you have.

Log Out Whatsapp Select Backup

  • After backing up your data, you can go to the Android settings menu, and go to the application.

Look for WhtsApp in settings

  • After that select Whatsapp and click

Select WhatsApp

  • You will find a display of data about the WhatsApp application. Next click storage.

Then look at storage

Log Out WhatsApp Delete data

  • Open WhatsApp and the application will look plain.

How to log out of WhatsApp on Apple or iOS devices.

  • Open the WhatsApp application then save the chat history that you have, because WhatsApp in the application does not add a Log Out button. You can save chat history on iCloud.
  • For this backup method, you can go to the settings menu in the bottom right corner. Find the chat menu, after that back up the chat and back it up now

iPhone Exit LogOut or back up

  • Then you can go back by pressing the button Home. Find the WhatsApp icon on the screen then hold it and it will appear X mark. This mark functions to delete all at once Log Out WhatsApp application on iOS.

iPhone WhatsApp Exit or Logout

How to Log Out on WhatsApp Web

  • Here are the first steps on how to log out of WhatsApp Web. You can see it on your computer screen, by clicking the three dots at the top left then selecting the button go out.

Exit WhatsApp Web

  • If you want to exit or log out of WhatsApp web using a smartphone device, you can press the three dots in the top corner then select WhatsApp web.

select WhatsApp Web

  • Next on your screen will display the history of active devices. Next, just select exit.

Exit WhatsApp web with smartphone

This is an easy way to log out of WhatsApp that you can follow. The essence of this tutorial is to protect your data by backing up or backing up to other alternative storage.

Yes, that is an option, if you feel that your data is not important, you can just log out immediately.

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