2 Ways to See Instagram Profile Visits [STALKER]

Have you ever wondered who often views your Instagram profile page? With the tips in this article, you can see who has visited your Instagram profile on your smartphone.

By knowing who visited the Instagram profile page. Besides being able to overcome curiosity, you can also use it for your needs business.

Because by understanding who visits your personal Instagram profile page. Then you can see clarity about who visits your Instagram profile and can maximize it as a potential tool for personal branding or business.

So after knowing this you canevaluation so that the use of Instagram can be as needed and business can be maximized.

Following are the steps and tips How to see visits to your Instagram using the application and without the application.

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How to View Instagram Profile Visits Without an Application

So you can find out visitors on your Instagram without using the application. It is recommended that you change your account settings from regular to business account.

Because business accounts on Instagram have embedded features in the form of being able to see visits to your Instagram page.

There is also another cool feature that is used on business Instagram accounts, namely the Insight feature. This feature is useful for viewing statistical data on Instagram accounts.

How to find out who is stalking on Instagram:

  • Open Instagram on your smartphone.
  • Then log in using the account that you have changed to a business account.
  • Then open the profile by selecting at the bottom right of your smartphone screen.
  • Next select at the top right on triple line icon.
  • Next, the menu will appear Arrangement which is above.
  • Next, from settings, select menu account.

Select in the Account settings account on Instagram

  • Once in the account settings select Switch to Account Professional.

Switch to business account

  • Next you can choose business. Next you will enter a page to complete the required information.

Name for the page

  • Connect your Instagram account with your Facebook account.

Instagram profile how to see stalking people

  • Next you can input address e-mail And password Facebook.
  • After inputting all kinds of information, click the check mark to agree.
  • After completing the steps, your account has officially become a business account.
  • Furthermore, on your Instagram profile page, a feature is available to find out the number of visitors in the past 7 days.

How to Know Instagram Profile Visits with Applications

If you want to see Instagram profile visits without having to change it to a business account, then how to see people who are stalking Instagram We The next step is to use a third party application.

An application that can be used to view profile visits in the IG application is Who Viewed My Instagram Profile. The application can be downloaded by following the link listed above.

Even though it’s free, if you want to access some additional features you are required to pay.

Here’s how to find people stalking on our IG:

  • Download the app and install Who Viewed My Instagram Profile on your device.
  • Once installed, open the application.
  • How to use it is by logging in to the application using the IG account you already have. Then enter username And password and tap the log in button.

How to use Who Viewed My Instagram Profile

  • When you have entered, you can wait for this application to work in viewing the data and statistics that are on our Instagram.
  • Then the result is a display of several accounts that view your profile most often.

So you can see people who are stalking on our IG

  • In order to be able to view more accounts, you are required to make payments on the related application.

After applying the tips above, you can see several accounts that have visited your Instagram profile.

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