2 Ways to Copy Instagram Captions Easily and Quickly

Surfing on social media like Instagram is fun. This social media for sharing photos and videos is getting more and more popular day by day and has many users along with the many features it offers.

Apart from being able to stalk friends, we can also find interesting and inspiring photos or videos. Both on the feed/home page and on Instagram stories.

Not just a social media for sharing photos and videos, Instagram also allows users to create captions (captions) for each photo or video uploaded by the user.

Not infrequently when scrolling through the IG feed we find several interesting captions.

Whether it’s funny, inspiring, motivating, or words of wisdom.

An interesting caption makes us want to save it as a personal note or to share again because we feel it is useful.

Unfortunately we can’t copy paste directly text on Instagram caption.

Not like on FB or other websites where we can do it directly copy paste directly text there.

The good news is that we can still save as well copy paste Instagram captions easily.

Either without an application or by using additional applications.

How to Copy Instagram Captions Without an Application

We cancopy Instagram captions without apps. This method is suitable for those who don’t like installing lots of applications on their cellphone so that the memory becomes full.

Here are the steps to copy Instagram captions without an application:

Enter Instagram, Select Point Three

First of all, we enter the Instagram application as usual. Then look for the post you want to postcopy captionhis. If you have found it, then select the icon point three.

Copy Instagram captions

Select Copy Link

The next step is to select Copy Link.

Copy IG captions without an application

Open Browsers

Next, open your favorite web browser. Can Chrome, Mozilla, Safari or something else. Then paste the URL that was copied in the previous step on address bar.

how to copy ig captions without an application

Select the Pasted Link

Then click on the link that was already inpaste to address bar in the previous step so that the post appears to be oncopy.

how to copy Instagram captions without a digital cellphone application

Tap on the Caption Text and Hold

After the post appears to be oncopy captionThen, tap and hold on the text caption until the blue mark appears. Then drag the blue arrow to the limit of the text to be addedcopy.

copy caption ig

Select Copy

If you have decided which text will be incopywe can copy or share the text to various media such as Instagram, WhatsApp, FB,or Notes. Here we choose Copy because we’re going to copy caption the.

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How to copy IG captions without an application

Paste in Other Media

The last one is paste text caption which has been copied on the intended media. In this example caption inpaste to the application Notes.

paste in notes

How to Copy Instagram Captions with the Application

Apart from the method above, we can also copy the IG caption by using additional applications in the Google Play Store. The method with this application is as easy as the method without the application above. The application that we will use is Saver Reposter for Instagram.

Check out the steps below:

Install the Saver Reposter for Instagram application

The first step that must be taken is to install an application to copy Instagram captions, namely Saver Reposter for Instagram. This application is in the Google Play Store.

ig caption copy application

Open Instagram, Select Point Three

Then enter Instagram to find the caption to copy. If you have found the intended caption, immediately select the icon point three the one on the right.

copy caption ig with the application

Select Copy Link

Then choose Copy Link.

Copy Instagram captions with the application

Open the Saver Reposter for Instagram application, select the Saver Menu

The next step is to open the Saver Reposter for Instagram application that we installed earlier. Then select the menu Saver.

how to copy the ig caption with the application

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Paste URLs

Then paste the post URL in the column provided. Then the caption of the post that we have copied the URL will appear. After that, scroll to the bottom.

How to copy Instagram captions with the application

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Select Copy Post

There are several choices that can be made with the caption text that we copy. Copy All to copy captions and hashtags (hastags), Copy Tags to copy hashtags only, and Copy Posts to copy the caption text only. Here we choose Copy Posts.

how to save ig captions

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Paste on Other Media

After we copy the selected caption, the last step is for us to paste it on the other intended media. In this example we paste it into Notes.

how to save instagram captions

That’s how to copy Instagram captions using the application and without the application. The steps above are all easy to do. We just have to choose which one is more suitable.

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