2 New Genshin Impact Cast Layer Locations!

To find Cor Lapis, you have to know the location where there are the most Cor Lapis in Genshin Impact.

Cor Lapis or Cor Petrae is a precious crystal made from pure Geo elements. These crystals usually grow with other minerals that you can find at Liyue Port. Items are really needed for you to increase the character level, and others.

Lapis Cast is usually used to increase the character level of several characters. For example, like Keqing, this character requires you to have enough Layered Casts to level up. Now to get Lapis Cor in the Genshin Impact game.

you have to know the location of Cor Lapis so you can easily find him.

On this occasion, will provide a review of the Cor Lapis Location in the game Genshin Impact. This crystal is an important item that you must get when playing Genshin Impact. The locations that you can note are as follows.

You can only get Cor Lapis haya around Liyue Harbor. The port has a very large area and when you go on an adventure you can definitely find various crystals such as Cor Lapis easily.

There are several places recommended by Genshin Impact to look for Cor Lapis, including Mt. Hulao and the cliffs around Liyue.

But with that information alone, of course you are confused about where to look for it first. Because the Port of Liyue is very wide.

For this reason, the following Cor Lapis locations in the Genshin Impact game are very important to note. The location is as follows.

This is the Genshin Impact Cast Lapis Location:

Location of Cast Layer 1 (Mt. Hulao Genshin Impact)

The first location where there are lots of Cor Lapis, you can find it on Mt. Hulao, at that place you only need to follow the road around the cliff, and you will get lots of cast layers around the road.

So in one place on the cliff, usually you can get 10-20 cast layers. That way, it’s a big advantage for you

Not only Mt. Hulo only, some places like Jueyun Karst and Mt. later there are also quite a lot of Cor Lapis.

Location 2 Layers of Genshin Impact (Around Liyue Cliff)

In the second location, you can walk around the cliffs at Liyue port. There aren’t too many layers of cast here, usually on each cliff there are only one to three layers of cast that you can get. But in addition, if Cor Lapis at Mt. Hulao is lacking, you guys can try it around Liyue Cliff.

Tips for harvesting layered cast

Cor Lapis is quite difficult to get even if you get Cor Lapis, but you have to get to know him first. Only characters with Geo Elements can easily get Cast Lapis. As for other characters, make sure they use Claymore weapons such as Diluc, Chongyun, Razor or Noelle, so they can easily harvest Cor Lapis.

So, those are some of the locations where there are quite a lot of Cor Lapis in the Genshin Impact game. Hopefully the review above can be useful especially for those of you who are Genshin Impact players.

Apart from cast layers, you also have to understand the location of the anemocoulus in Genshin Impact currently. See you!

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