2 Easy and Practical Ways to View Full Size Instagram Profile Photos

Instagram has become an integral part of most of our lives today. Almost every day we open social media to share these photos and videos. Whether it’s just to scroll through the homepage/feed, look for inspiration, or share photos of activities via posts or instastories.

In this activity on Instagram, sometimes we are curious about the profile photos of friends or accounts that we follow.

And when I tried to view their profile picture, it couldn’t be seen at full size. What will appear is a small, circular photo. Not box shaped like the original photo.

We really can’t see other people’s profile photos on IG like we can on Facebook or WhatsApp. In fact, if we tap a friend’s profile photo, the story will appear.

Septemberbe that is one of Instagram’s shortcomings. Or it could be an advantage because it can maintain more privacy.

In its development, we can get around seeing people’s profile photos in full size. Both with the help of the application and without the application.

View Full Size Instagram Profile Photo with App

The first way we can do to see the full size profile photo is with the help of an application in the Google Play Store. We can use the application Qeek for Instagram. With the Qeek for Instagram application, we can view IG profile photos easily and quickly.

Check out the steps to view Instagram profile photos with Qeek for Instagram below:

Install Qeek for Instagram

The first step we have to do is install the Qeek for Instagram application from the BeakerApps developer. Not only can you view profiles, this application can also be used to save/download the profile photo.

Go to Instagram Profile

Next we enter Instagram and go to the account profile where we will see the profile photo. After finding the profile of the account in question, then select the icon point three which is on the top right.

enter instagram

Copy Profile URL

Then choose Copy Profile URL on several available options.

copy profile URL

Enter Qeek for Instagram

After copying the URL of the intended profile, then enter the application Qeek for Instagram which is pre-installed.

After logging in, this application will detect that we have copied a URL and a dialog will appear. Next select “Yes” to continue or “No” to cancel.

login qeek for instagram

Select Fullscreen

After selecting “Yes” in the previous step, the profile photo of the username we chose will appear. To view the username profile photo to full size, you can do it in two ways, namely “Tap to Zoom” or select icon “Fullscreen”.

select fullscreen

after tap fullscreen

Select Save

As previously mentioned, apart from being able to view IG profile photos in full size, through this application we can also download IG profile photos.

To save the profile photo, all we have to do is tap the icon “Save” and the profile photo will be saved in the smartphone gallery.

select save

after selecting save

View Full Size Instagram Profile Photos Without an Application

The second way to view full-size Instagram profiles can be done without using the application. This method is suitable for those who don’t like installing lots of applications so that they drain their cellphone memory.

We can see Instagram profile photos through the site instadp.com. Not only viewing, we can also save profile photos that we want to see.

Check out the steps to view Instagram profile photos via instadp.com following:

Search for the instadp.com site on Google

The first step is to enter the Instadp keyword on Google. Then enter the site.

enter instadp

Enter username

After entering the instadp.com site, enter the username for the Instagram account whose profile photo you will see.

Enter the user name of the profile you want to view 2

Select Username

In this example we want to see the profile of a famous youtuber Pewdiepie. Enter the Pewdiepie username then select the account username with a blue tick. Because this is a verified account.

choose pewdipie 2

Select “Full Size”

After selecting the username whose profile photo you want to see, a brief profile information will appear.

choose full size

To view the profile photo, select the “ iconFull Size”. And the profile photo will look like the original picture.

after selecting full size

Tap and Hold Photo

To view an image in full size or save it, tap And hold until several options appear.

tap and hold

Select Open Image

To open and view the image in full size, select “Open Image”. And we have managed to see the Instagram profile photo in full/original size.

Select open Instagram 2 image

Select Download Image

If you want to save your profile photo, then select “Download Image”.

select download image 2

And the Instagram profile photo is saved in the smartphone gallery.

These are the ways we can view Instagram profile photos in full size. Both through applications and sites. We can choose which one is the most practical to do.

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