15 Most Famous and Instagrammable Tourist Attractions in Jogja

Game – For most people, when they visit Jogja, what comes to mind is Malioboro and Parangtritis Beach. In fact, as time goes by, Jogja has also given birth to various new and very interesting tourist attractions to visit. Now there are lots of them tourist attractions in Jogja which is contemporary and really interesting.

15 Contemporary Tourist Attractions in Jogja

Don't claim to be a child nowadays if you don't know some tourist attractions in Jogja which is the latest and most popular at the moment. Don't worry, here are some recommendations for tourist attractions in Jogja that are contemporary and suitable to visit.

Ullen Sentalu Museum

Still in the Kaliurang area, a little down you can try visiting the Ullen Sentalu Museum anti-mainstream. It is not a new tourist attraction, but there is no doubt about the attraction of this museum because so many tourists visit it.

Not only enjoying the beauty of the unique building, but also several works of art by Jogja artists from the past. Tourist attractions in Jogja This one can also be used to learn about the history of the Mataram Kingdom at that time.

Rainbow Park

Still in the northern area of ​​Yogyakarta, precisely on the North Ring Road, Sariharjo, Sleman Regency, there is a contemporary tourist spot, namely Taman Pelangi.

Rainbow Park is a tourist attraction with hundreds of lanterns which is very beautiful at night. So it could be an alternative besides just visiting Malioboro or Alun-alun Kidul at night.

Upside Down World

Taking photos has become a hobby when walking or traveling anywhere, especially since it can capture moments. Well, Upside Down World is one of them tourist attractions in Jogja which is so contemporary and very hit.

This place has always been busy since it officially opened until now. Here you can take silly photos with your partner or friends.

A unique place, because you will feel like the world has turned upside down. The location is on North Ring Road, Depok Yogyakarta.

Kalibiru Tourism

Now move to the western part of Yogyakarta, namely the Kalibiru tourism area. This place is very suitable for friends who are not afraid of heights in particular.

Where there are several photo spots on a stage with a ravine in the background. But it's still safe, because every visitor is equipped with safety precautions.

Kulon Progo Mangrove Forest

A new place in Jogja that you can visit is a tour of the Kulon Progo Mangrove Forest. You can try coming here at dusk and definitely don't forget to capture the moment. What a view swag waiting for you.

Kedung Pedut Waterfall

It's not just the view and cool air here, but the friendliness of the surrounding community brings a sense of comfort when visiting Kedung Pedut Waterfall. You can get close to local residents where they also sell local plantation crops such as sweet durian.

Even though tourist attractions in Jogja This one is in the village, but the facilities are very complete. Places of worship, parking, public toilets and gazebos that can be used for resting are provided.

Mudal River Park Ecotourism

Tourist attractions in Jogja This one is quite unique, where you can enjoy the calm atmosphere of the river.

Even though the conditions for this tourist attraction are really far from urban areas, the facilities are not to be outdone. Complete facilities like other tourist attractions are even equipped with Wi-Fi access around the tourist area. This tourist spot is in Girimulyo Village, Kulon Progo.


Kaliadem Bunker, which is located in the Kaliurang area, is one of the tourist attractions in Jogja which is very interesting to visit. When you visit Kaliadem, you can take photos with the magnificent Mount Merapi in the background.

The place is quiet, cool, really suitable as an alternative to unwind. Apart from traveling there, you can learn about the history of the eruption of Mount Merapi.

Kali Kuning Hill

Kali Kuning Hill is actually very busy with tourists coming there, but it has been quiet since the 2010 eruption of Mount Merapi. However, some time later this place began to heal and became busy again in early 2017. Kali Kuning Hill appeared with a new face that was increasingly swag and contemporary as spots Photo.

Enjoying warm tea and a cup of coffee is very suitable to be enjoyed here. The forest is so calm, with cool air, very calming. What's more, the eyes are pampered with the beautiful view of Mount Merapi.

Nglanggeran Reservoir, Gunung Kidul

In East Yogyakarta, precisely in Gunung Kidul, there is a very contemporary tourist spot, namely Embung Nglanggeran. Which is a lake made by the local community which was previously used as a lake irrigation.

Because it has such great tourism potential where the view of the lake is very charming, it is used as a holiday destination in Gunung Kidul. Open 24 hours, the location is in Nglanggeran, Patuk, Gunung Kidul.

Ancient Volcano

Not far from Embung Nglanggeran there is a rocky hill tourist attraction called Ancient Volcano. From a distance it looks very beautiful and exotic. Try to climb approximately 45 to 60 minutes to the top. However, the prize offered when you reach the top will definitely be repaid.

Jomblang Cave

Still around the Gunung Kidul area there is a tourist attraction with a really amazing cave climbing sensation. To be precise, in Pacarejo Semanu there is a world-class cave.

Not a few foreign tourists deliberately want to enjoy the beauty of the “Light of Heaven” at the mouth of the Jomblang cave. Because of the beauty of this place, the ticket is very special, around Rp. 450 thousand per entry.

Indrayanti Beach

Among the rows of beaches in the east of Yogyakarta, Indrayanti is the most popular beach with its white sand. The existence of umbrella and mat rental facilities is a mainstay for visiting tourists.

Moreover, you can enjoy culinary delights at affordable prices. Not only that, the facilities here are also very complete, starting from parking, public toilets, places of worship and accommodation at varying prices.

Nguluran Beach Glass Terrace

Tourist attractions in Jogja Another hit is the Nguluran Beach Glass Terrace. Fans of aesthetic photos must visit this place.

The glass terrace above the steep beach is an aesthetic sight. Don't worry, safety remains a priority on this tour. However, only those who dare with heights.

Breccia Cliffs

The place that is never empty at the end of this one is the Breksi Cliff tourist attraction in the Sambirejo Prambanan area. Actually, this place is a former mining site that was transformed into a contemporary aesthetic tourist attraction.

You can enjoy how beautiful the city of Yogyakarta, Prambanan Temple and Mount Merapi are from here. Make sure to bring an umbrella if you visit during the day because it is very hot.

There are indeed many destinations tourist attractions in Jogja which is current and you must visit. Moreover, around Gunung Kidul there are many tourist attractions to choose from.

But you are free to try visiting any tourist spot around Jogja. It can definitely be a tourist choice between holidays or just to unwind.

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