15 Hero Counter Benedetta Mobile Legends (ML)

You must use Hero Counter Benedetta in Mobile Legends (ML) to fight this new hero. Of course, this is to prevent and hinder the game when you face it

Benedetta is one of the newest heroes released by Moonton for free in the Mobile Legends game. This hero is an assassin hero who has quite a lot of hero counters for Benedetta in Mobile Legends. When you play Mobile Legends, you should avoid the following heroes so you can play safely.

This hero is said to have very good agility considering his assassin role. As an assassin, of course Benedetta is equipped with fast attacks, high damage and other advantages.

However, when played in Mobile Legends, you certainly understand that each hero has their own weaknesses and strengths, just like Benedetta. Below, a list of Benedetta heroes according to my experience when playing this hero in Mobile Legends.

On this occasion I will provide a hero counter for my hero Benedetta, who is the newest assassin in the Mobile Legends game.

So, for those of you who are curious about which heroes are able to defeat Benedetta. Check out the complete review on Mobile Legends.

Hero Counter Benedetta Mobile Legends (ML)

Benedetta has excellent immune abilities. This hero is difficult to target, especially if the hero you use is a non-executor hero.

Therefore, for those of you who want to counter the hero Benedetta, you should use the following hero based on my playing experience

Not only that, according to my playing experience, I will also provide an explanation of how the hero Benedetta can be easily defeated with the row of hero counters above.


Saber is a hero who has excellent execution abilities. This hero is able to defeat his target quickly and lock down his opponent's movements very well. According to my playing experience, especially in meta saber, this hero can counter all existing heroes, including Benedetta.


Just like the hero Saber. I also recommend Chou's hero to be Benedetta's counter hero in the next Mobile Legends. Hero Chou has a very great ability to lock down his opponent. This hero can target Benedetta easily and then push her with Chou's special ability.


As usual, Franco is the hero with the best stun effect in Mobile Legends. This hero is able to counter the hero Benedetta well, but you have to pay attention to the immune effect he has, use the combo skill after Benedetta uses the immune skill.

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