13 Best Android Video Calling Applications


If you’re looking for a secure messaging app with a simple video calling option for your contacts, WhatsApp is a great choice. WhatsApp can only accommodate eight participants at a time, which is perfect if you just want to make short video calls with family and friends on the go. However, WhatsApp is popular and many people have it installed. Overall, WhatsApp is a solid and safe messaging app to add to your library, and you shouldn’t have a problem finding other users.

Google Meet

Google Meet is one of the best applications for video calls with a large number of participants. The calls you make through Google Meet have almost no lag, and the sound and video quality on offer is excellent. Google Meet also features an integrated photo capture mode and family mode where you can draw, add masks, and play with fun effects during calls.

Anyone with a Google account can create a session that holds 100 people in an hour-long call, and you just have to share the host-generated link to get started. If you want a more expansive on-call experience that can accommodate larger businesses and schools, you might consider a Google Workspace plan. This paid plan can accommodate calls with 500 participants and 100,000 viewers.

Google Meet replaces its previous app, Google Duo, but continues to provide a great experience for your personal life, workplace and community.

Microsoft Teams

Are you looking for a professional enough app for team meetings and group chats with the option to add private groups for family and friends? Microsoft Teams gives you all the tools you need to keep collaboration strong, whether it’s work meetings, group projects with coworkers, or organizing remote events with family and friends.

You can turn group chats into video calls, and when you’re not on a call, you can see all the shared content through the dashboard feature. You can have secure conference calls without worrying about your data and privacy with external partners, making Microsoft Teams the top choice for large enterprises. You must pay for a Microsoft 365 commercial subscription to access commercial features in this app.


If you value privacy and speed for all your activities, including file sharing and social messaging, Telegram is one of the best social apps you can get. Telegram syncs all your devices, so you can seamlessly continue your social activities from one device to another.

You don’t have to face file limitations, and you can save your entire chat history without taking up space on your device (everything is stored in Telegram’s cloud storage). However, what stands out most about Telegram is that everything is encrypted, including video calls. For video calls, you can set portrait and landscape views, start group calls, and set overlays while you browse other apps on your phone.

Telegram is completely free and open source, meaning other developers can use its API to implement it in other applications. There are also dedicated desktop applications, which are increasingly rare to find these days.


On Skype, users have access to video calls, voice calls and chat for correspondence. Supports voice and video conferencing for up to 50 people. To add a group, you need to upgrade your account status. For a fee, this service provides direct calling services to landline and mobile phone numbers in various countries.

In addition, Skype has a free screen sharing feature to share what is happening on the device screen. Blurring the background behind the other person is also supported, which is convenient for business video calls in an unprepared place. The app is multi-platform and available for both stationary and mobile devices. The settings include extensive privacy settings, notifications, and changing the app’s color scheme.

Skype provides multi-platform video communication with groups of up to 100 people with no time limit. It also supports private and group chats, and for an additional fee, calls to landlines and mobile numbers. Therefore, this app is suitable for personal use, remote learning or remote communication with colleagues.

Google Duo

Google Duo is an analogue of the popular instant messenger, because to use this application, in addition to registration, you need to link a mobile phone number. This application allows you to make video calls, chat, and share files, including voice and video messages. Group calls of up to 32 people are supported. You can also use Google Duo for regular voice calls.

This app has minimum required settings and no coins. You can add Google Duo calls to your device’s call logs. “Traffic saving mode” to reduce video quality and limit the amount of data sent. “Low light mode” with automatic adjustment of the best view when the ambient light is insufficient.

Google Duo is a functional chat, voice and video communication application. The program is not burdened with unnecessary functions and settings, and is also optimized for low consumption of system resources. The only significant drawback is no more than 32 people during a video call.


Positioned as a multi-platform service for the communication of interests, especially on the topic of games. Users have access to text and voice channels, as well as private and group video calls. The maximum group size for a video call is 25 people.

Screen sharing is also available on Discord. Up to 50 people can stream simultaneously. At the same time, in the basic version, there is a limit to the quality of the stream – HD resolution and 30 frames. When you subscribe to Nitro, broadcast quality is boosted to Full HD and 60 frames.

This application contains extensive settings, including hardware acceleration. Thus, it is possible to disassemble the processor part and improve performance on low power devices, especially during group video calls.


Viber is an all-in-one social app where you can send text messages and make video calls with your contacts. Viber uses end-to-end encryption for audio video messages and calls, and you can call landlines and mobile numbers at affordable costs via VoIP. You can select one of your contacts for the video call or start a group video call with up to 39 other participants, a larger number than most other apps.

Viber is a fantastic alternative to Telegram and WhatsApp, guaranteeing accessibility and total privacy for every call you make.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal has had privacy settings built in from the start. You don’t have to worry about your data being intercepted while having private conversations, and you can enjoy all the advantages of instant messaging such as file sharing, text messages, and video calls for free. You can set custom tones for each contact, so you know who you’re talking to as soon as the custom tone appears.

You also don’t have to worry about sending messages even on a slow connection. Signal is optimized to be safe and fast in sending messages. The only note is that your contacts must use Signal as well. Other texting apps won’t work, so you may need to plan accordingly before downloading this app.


Septemberbe you’re looking for something new but don’t have much of a pre-existing community and friends you can connect with socially (or you already have, but want to find more). If you are willing to take risks and meet new people, you can do it with Tango. Tango strives to be a comfortable place to live stream. You can connect and interact with streamers all over the world, but if you want to use the essential video calling tool for your contacts, Tango has that covered too.

ICQ Video Calls & Chat Rooms

ICQ makes integrating video calls and text messages even easier; You don’t have to sacrifice quality to ensure a complete experience. This application is equipped with stickers, a smart reply message feature for quick and easy responses, voice to text conversion, group chat, and video calling. And ICQ respects your privacy: you can hide your video calls when you’re not ready to show your face. The quality offered is not only limited to the available features, such as sending videos and photos without sacrificing file quality; This application allows you to send original files without compression.

When you switch between devices, the app syncs all your history and contacts so you can save and access everything within the app. Thanks to flexible apps like ICQ, you no longer have to squat across multiple apps to go about your social activities; ICQ is an excellent choice for an all-in-one experience without compromising on quality.

Glide — Video Chat Messenger

Septemberbe you’re not looking for a social messaging app that specializes in teleconferencing, like Google Meet and Zoom, but maybe you prefer one that integrates video messaging with text messaging, such as having the ability to send short video clips of your dogs playing together or showing the final result. of every batch of delicious Christmas cookies you make yourself. Glide helps you capture and share these moments in real-time, adding more expression in social messages to your remote contacts at incredible speed. Of course, you can also add Glide to Android Wear to keep up to date with all your smartwatch activity! Remember not to let physical distance get in the way of these special moments when there are apps like Glide around.

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