100 Complete HD FR Legends Livery Codes and the Latest Mod 2023

Using various mods in several games is common to make the game more exciting. Some games allow players to use mods, so that many things are changed, such as the model and visual appearance.

FR Legends is one of the most widely played drift car games with many features that allow you to edit the vehicle you are using. You can use mods in this game using Livery to install mods.

Here we will provide 100 FR Legends Livery that you can try. This livery will change the appearance of the vehicle that you will use. That way you don’t get bored easily playing FR Legends using different vehicles.

What is Livery FR Legends?

The FR Legends code is a MOD that can be installed to change the appearance of your game.

If you want to use mods in FR Legends, you can download the FR Legends Livery. There are lots of FR Legends Livery that you can use. You just have to choose the vehicle design you want to use and install it.

To be able to install Livery FR Legends is also very easy. Here we will provide a choice of Livery that you can use in FR Legends that you can use. All you have to do is download the Livery to use it.

You just need to use the code in the file and enter it into your FR Legends Livery. That way, you can use Livery to change the appearance of the vehicle you use. Below is the FR Legends Livery that you can try.

FR Legends Code Collection

Nissan FR Legends

  1. 000200000000035203520000D1D1D1FF0001

  2. 0202FDD102DD00640023FFFA000000FF0005

  3. 0202FDD102D700640023FFFAA70000FF0005

  4. 0201FE750318003F002BFFE3000000FF0005

  5. 0201FE750315003A0028FFE1A70000FF0005

  6. 0204FF2B031D00810044FFEA000000FF0005

Livery FR Legends Nissan Skyline R32

Livery FR Legends Nissan S15 Drift Georgy Chivchyan’s

FR Legends Police

  1. 000200000000184A184A0000343742FF0001

  2. 0004FECEFD0C00BA005DFFA6FFB900FF0005

  3. 0002FFBE0311008500950000FFB900FF0005

  4. 0004FEFE02F900BA005DFFA6343642FF0005

  5. 0004FF1602F900BA005DFFA6FFB900FF0005

  6. 0004FF4702F900BA005DFFA6343642FF0005

  7. 00020071030F009C00950000343642FF0005

  8. 0002FF7102F20015003EFFF8000000FF0005

FR Legends Police S15 Livery

FR Legends Lamborghini Pink

  1. 00020000000006E406E4005AFF006FFF0001

  2. 0002FC720000017C0065005A000000FF0001

  3. 0FA5FC8C0000001C005300B4000000FF0001

  4. 000200000363011500500000ABABAB230005

  5. 0013FC5F00D70022002000A6B50047FF0005

  6. 0006FCE3000000ED002B005AFF006EFF0001

  7. 0008FCACFE30007A005F0065AB0046FF0005

Other FR Legends Codes

Those are 100 FR Legends Livery that you can try and use. This livery will change the appearance of the vehicle you are using and there are also many options that you can try to make the game you are playing more exciting.

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