10 Ways to Remove Shopee Ads on Samsung Cellphones

Ads that appear on mobile applications or devices can often disrupt the user experience. For Samsung cellphone users who want to remove ads from the Shopee application, there are several steps you can follow to solve this problem. How to remove Shopee ads on a Samsung cellphone without an application is quite easy.

The first step you can take is to check the settings in the Shopee application itself. Open the Shopee application and check the settings option or similar menu. Some apps provide options to disable ads or personalize ads. Be sure to explore these options and adjust your ad preferences as desired.

On Samsung devices, you can also adjust data usage settings for certain apps. Go to Settings > Data Usage > Cellular Data Usage. Select the Shopee app and see if there is an option to limit background data usage. This may help reduce ads displayed within the app.

Make sure to use the latest version of the Shopee application. App updates usually include bug fixes and improvements that may affect the display of ads. Visit the Google Play Store or Samsung Galaxy app store to make sure you are using the latest version.

You may also consider using third-party apps specifically designed to block ads in apps. There are several applications available in the application store that can help remove advertisements from the Shopee application and other applications on Samsung phones.

If you are comfortable with advanced settings, you can enable developer mode on your Samsung device. The way to do this is by going to Settings > About Phone > Software Info. Tap the build number several times until developer mode is enabled. In developer mode, you can find options to limit ads or make other adjustments.

By following the steps above, you can reduce or even eliminate advertisements that appear in the Shopee application on Samsung phones. Always remember to make changes carefully and be sure to understand the effects of any changed settings on the device. Here are some steps from Projectino which can be applied.

1. Check the Settings in the Shopee Application

The first option is to check the settings in the Shopee application. Where there may be some wrong settings so that Shopee advertisements appear on cellphones, this method is quite effective for how to remove Shopee advertisements on Samsung cellphones correctly.

  1. Open the Shopee application on your cellphone.
  2. Look for a settings icon or option, usually a gear icon or three vertical dots.
  3. Go to the “Settings” or “General Settings” section.
  4. Look for options related to advertising, such as “Personalize Ads” or “Ads on Shopee”.
  5. Disable options related to advertising or set according to preferences.

2. Update the Shopee Application

By updating the Shopee application, you can make the application stop displaying advertisements. This is actually quite effective and can be applied easily and quickly on Android phones.

  1. Open Google Play Store on your phone.
  2. Search for “Shopee” in the search box and open the application page.
  3. If available, select the “Update” option to ensure you are using the latest version of the Shopee application. This update may include ad-related fixes.

3. Limit Use of Background Data

The next option is to check the background of your Android cellphone usage now. If many applications are running then it would be better if they were closed.

  1. Open Samsung phone Settings.
  2. Search for and select “Applications” or “Application Manager” from the list of options.
  3. Find and select the Shopee application from the list of installed applications.
  4. On the Shopee application page, select “Data Usage”.
  5. Disable the “Allow background data” or “Restrict background data” options to reduce data usage and possible advertising.

4. Use an Ad Blocker Application

Next, you can use the application to block ads. There are lots of applications that have features to block ads on Samsung cellphones. One of them is the application below and how to use it.

  1. Download and install an ad blocking app from the Google Play Store, such as “AdGuard” or “Block This!”.
  2. Open the ad blocker app and follow the instructions to enable ad blocking across devices or only in specific apps like Shopee.

5. Developer Mode (Optional)

The next option is to enable developer options on Samsung phones. However, this method is actually not really recommended if you are not often or familiar with how to repair Android.

  1. Open Samsung phone Settings.
  2. Go to the “About Phone” or “Software Info” section.
  3. Find and tap the build number several times until it enters “Developer Mode”.
  4. Go back to Settings, and you will see a new option “Developer Options”.
  5. Within “Developer Options”, you may find the option to disable ads or ad-related features.

Please note that these steps may vary depending on the version of the Samsung operating system and Shopee app you are using. Additionally, some steps may require further technical knowledge or risk undesirable changes. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before making significant changes to the device.

In conclusion, removing ads from the Shopee app on Samsung phones involves several steps involving in-app settings, updates, data management, as well as using ad-blocking apps or developer mode options. It's important to remember that any changes you make to your device can have different impacts. Make sure you understand the risks and benefits before taking certain actions. Read the information regarding How to turn off the Samsung A54 cellphone without the power button in the previous review.

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