10 Ways to Make Money from YouTube

Did you know that Youtube is one of the social media that can make money? Aside from being one of the most widely used video-sharing social media around the world, it turns out that YouTube can be a source of income to earn money.

With Youtube, of course, it’s easier for you to get information and share videos with everyone who uses Youtube. As a social media with so many users, it’s no wonder that YouTube can be a source of income that generates money.

Curious about how to get money from Youtube? Relax, on this occasion we will review how you can make money on Youtube. Here’s the review.

How to Make Money from YouTube

1. Create a YouTube Channel

The first step you have to do is create a YouTube channel. Please create a Google account first for those who don’t have one. If you already have a Google account, please enter Youtube and please create a YouTube channel.

You can give an interesting name for your Youtube channel and think about the concept and content of your Youtube channel. Your Youtube channel must have its own characteristics compared to other similar channels.

2. YouTube Channel Monetization

You Tube

The second step is monetization of the YouTube channel. Please enter your Youtube account and enter the Account information menu which is located on the top right and then click Creator studio.

Then on the menu on the left, please select Channel and click Status and features. Finally, please select Enable Monetization and agree to the existing agreement.

3. Connect YouTube Channel to AdSense

The third step is to connect the Youtube channel to AdSense. If you have activated monetization on your Youtube channel, please associate and approve your AdSense account to your YouTube account.

Later a YouTube Analytic feature will appear which can be used to track your YouTube channel income and will be paid if you complete or follow the existing YouTube payment threshold.

4. Optimizing the Youtube Channel Monetization Function

The fourth step is optimizing the YouTube channel monetization function. The following are the criteria for optimizing the Youtube channel that you must meet:

  • The content or video that you create must be your own original work.
  • Videos must be user friendly
  • The videos that you make must pay attention to the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines that have been made by Youtube.
  • If you activate the monetization function, several advertisements will appear on the videos on your Youtube channel.
  • If you take a video from the internet and then upload it on your Youtube channel and it is copyrighted, then you will not produce anything.

5. Conduct a Conversation Rate on the Product Page

The fifth step is conducting a conversation rate to the product page. If you have responsibility for a particular company or business, then you can use your YouTube channel as a means to increase your conversion rate.

You can create content that shows how good the product you have is and you want to highlight it through soft promotion. After that, you can provide a link to your product page in the description column of the video.

6. Sell Videos on Video Sales Websites

The sixth step to making money on Youtube is selling videos on video sales websites. You can sell the videos that you have made to commercial websites that provide facilities for video makers to sell their work.

Later on your YouTube channel, you can upload shows in the form of teasers or trailers and direct your viewers to pay if they want to watch the full version.

7. Drive Traffic to Affiliate Links

The seventh step to making money on Youtube is driving traffic to affiliate links. Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular opportunities to make money online.

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8. Attract Sponsorship

The eighth step to making money on YouTube is attracting sponsorship. If you observe famous YouTubers who are successful on the internet, of course you will know that almost all of their YouTube video content always includes elements of sponsorship and advertisements. So this aspect can be used as a source of income from the YouTube channel they have.

9. Doing Live Speaking

The ninth step is to do live speaking. You can do live speaking to increase customer engagement.

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10. Think outside the box

Finally and no less important part of making money on YouTube, namely thinking out of the box. You have to think outside the box if you want to produce interesting content or videos to watch from start to finish.

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