10 Recommendations for the Best Chrome Extensions for YouTube to Try

This Chrome extension for YouTube is sought after by many people for their convenience when they want to watch YouTube videos. Please note that this Chrome extension for YouTube is usually used or useful when you want to watch YouTube videos online offline.

Although YouTube does provide features downloads in the application, but this feature does not provide maximum video quality display. Therefore, many people are looking for Chrome extensions for YouTube so they can download YouTube videos for later use offline.

However, this Chrome extension for YouTube is not just for downloads Just YouTube videos, yes, because there are also several other functions of the Chrome extension for YouTube.

So, if you are a fan of YouTube videos and want to try a different experience when using YouTube, Below we describe several Chrome extensions for YouTube that you can try. Come on, take a look!

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Recommended Chrome Extensions for YouTube

There are many recommendations for Chrome extensions for YouTube, but our ten recommendations are the best and will make you comfortable using them. Here is a selection of 10 Chrome extensions for YouTube:

1. Rebrand

image source: Chrome Web Store

Well, this extension is for shortening YouTube links or URLs so you can promote YouTube videos more easily. Please note that when you share a YouTube video using a long standard YouTube URL, it might make other people confused.

However, when you shorten it yourself it feels difficult. That's why you need Rebrandly where you can shorten the URL with just one click. That way, it will be easier for your audience to access your YouTube videos without having to bother with very long URLs.

2. YouTube Auto Pause

image source: Chrome Web Store

If you don't want to be disturbed by YouTube videos, but don't want to miss what you watch and don't want the hassle of pressing the YouTube button, this extension can be used.

YouTube Auto Pause will automatically stop the video when you move tab in Chrome. The video will play again when you return to tab YouTube. With this extension, you can be more comfortable when doing it browsing without being distracted by the YouTube video that keeps running.


image source: Chrome Web Store

This Chrome extension is also very functional. YOUTUBE QUEUE allows you to search for videos and see the results without leaving the video you are watching. Search results will appear on the right (sidebar), where video recommendations are usually located.

Apart from that, you can also easily create your own playlist. Just click 'Add to playlist', and the video will immediately queue up for you to watch next.

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4. Turn Off the Lights

image source: Chrome Web Store

This extension will only focus on YouTube videos, and make other areas darker, providing an experience similar to watching a cinema. To use it, you only need downloads Turn Off the Lights in the Chrome Web Store, then install the extension and with just one click you can display focused YouTube videos.

Apart from that, this Chrome extension for Youtube also provides other setting options such as: Auto HD, auto wide, effects fade in/out, etc. As a bonus, this extension can also be used on other video portals such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, Hulu, Metacafe, etc.

5. Video Popouts

image source: Chrome Web Store

Video Popout is an extension to separate currently active YouTube videos in a tab. Then later it will appear popout like a small floating window on the side of the screen. This floating window remains active even when you switch tabs.

You also need to know that when you close the tab that is playing the video, the floating window will also close. Oh yes, this extension uses a new JavaScript API known as “picture-in-picture” and can be used in everything web browser.

6. SmartVideo For YouTube

image source: Chrome Web Store

This extension is useful for those who have an unstable internet connection. With SmartVideo, you can control how buffering walk.

For example, you can create buffering runs immediately when the page loads rather than waiting until the video plays. It can also be set so that the video plays immediately during the entire process buffering finished.

This YouTube extension also provides several other setting options such as priority video quality, loopsetc.

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7. Musixmatch Lyrics

image source: YouTube/DK Logics

From the name, you can easily recognize this Chrome extension for YouTube. Yes, with this extension, we can see music videos on YouTube complete with lyrics. This certainly makes it easier if you also want to sing along or sing along while watching music videos.

The Musixmatch Lyrics extension provides setting options for text color and color backgroundso you can set it as you wish.

8. Magic Actions

image source: Chrome Web Store

This Chrome extension can be considered an all-in-one solution for YouTube users. With its various highly functional features, this extension offers a more convenient and advanced YouTube viewing experience.

Some of the main features are automatic settings for HD quality, easy volume control just by scrolling the mouse, cinema mode which is similar to the “Turn Off the Lights” feature, screenshots screen, as well as displays nigh And light mode.

Apart from that, there are also features here preview ratings smart pause, and many more. The following are the video quality options that you can choose in this extension: Ultra HD 4k, HD 1440p, HD 1080p, HD 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p, up to 144p.

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9. IDM (Internet Download Manager)

image source: IDM

Who doesn't know this Chrome extension for YouTube? It seems like IDM or Internet Download Manager is one of the popular extensions. Here you can speed things up downloads various file types, including videos from YouTube.

In fact, it can download five times faster than other applications. Well, what's even better is if you fail downloads Due to internet connection problems, power outages, etc., IDM will automatically stop temporarily downloads and will continue later.

Another advantage, IDM also has a feature where you can share various things files which has been downloaded more easily and neatly.

10. XB, blocks all ads

image source: Chrome Web Store

Annoyed by the ads that appear on YouTube? Maybe you can try this extension to block the presence of advertisements on YouTube. The good thing is, this extension can block various ads from JavaScript, uBlock Origin, EasyList, EasyPrivacy, and Peter Lowe's ad server list, as well as the Online Malicious URL Blocklist.

Then, it is also claimed to be able to block various types of ads, including pre-roll video ads, text and image overlay ads. In fact, you can arrange orfilter any ads that can appear or that you want to block so that their use is more flexible.

Those are our choices of 10 Chrome extensions for YouTube. If you have other favorite Chrome extensions — especially ones with functions that aren't listed above — don't hesitate to share them in the comments column. If the extension above is useful for you, don't forget to give a rating and review, okay?

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