√ Download GTA San Andreas Original Free, Full Missions, Cutscenes on Android

GTA SA Android Original Free – On this occasion, sepakekno.com wants to share the Original GTA SA game with you. The GTA game that sengtekno.com shares in this article supports all GPUs on your respective cellphone. Whether it's GPU Adreno, Mali, or Power VR. For more details, you can follow the explanation below.

GTA SA Android Game Review Original 100% Free

Before you download the game, sepaktekno.com wants to provide a little discussion about the features and some details of the Original GTA SA Android game that you will play later. Just follow the discussion below:

Supports all Android GPUs

The GTA SA Android game in this article can only be used by Android cellphone users. Because Android phones can still use pirated games, unlike iPhones which have a further level of security that prohibits users from using pirated applications and games.

For those of you who use Android, the Original GTA SA Android Game that sengtekno.com shares in this article has data available that can be used for all Android cellphones. As you know, Android cellphones have different GPUs. So, having different GPUs will require different game dates for each cellphone.

For the free Original GTA SA Android game data that sengtekno.com is sharing, it supports Android with Adreno, Mali and Power VR GPUs.

Original Full Mission Application

Actually, if you say it's 100% original, that's not true, because you can only get original games via the Google Play Store or other official download and application platforms. Pirated GTA SA games like the one in this article are still called pirated game applications, aka not original.

However, the GTA SA gameplay in this article is the same as the original game. So you will still get the original gameplay sensation without any changes, additions or deletions in the game.

as well as enjoying full original audio, full missions that are open and can be done, as well as full exciting cutscenes

Game Size 1 Gb

The size of the free Original GTA SA Android game that sengtekno.com shares in this article is quite large. So, you will download this game with a size of 1.7 GB. The size of this game is full of all data, obb, game applications, and of course cheats. Basically, the 1.7 size includes everything needed to install the game.

So, because this game is quite large in size, you are obliged to have quite spacious internal storage. Apart from that, you are also required to have sufficient cellphone specifications starting from RAM and processor.

Not a Full Compressed Game

Pirated games do not mean that a lot has been reduced in the game or that they are full compressed games so that the size of the game is smaller and a lot of the content in the game has been reduced. This does not apply to the Original GTA SA game that you download in this article.

The game you will play has all the content in the original game. Therefore, the download size is quite large. Starting from missions, audio, radio, and cut scenes, you can enjoy everything just like the original game. So the playing experience can be maximized and nothing is reduced at all.

Graphics Improvements

The only thing that has changed in this game is the graphic display. The free Original GTA SA Android in this article has been modded to make it appear HD and more realistic. So, the in-game appearance will be better than the original game. This will definitely make the game more fun to play.

Full Cleo Cheats

Those of you who want to play this game instantly, then you can use the cheat feature in the Original GTA SA game download package in this article. The cheat is complete and you just have to use it in the game. Using cheats in the GTA SA game will give you new excitement, but will automatically turn off achievements in the game.

Game download link and how to install it

For those of you who have read all the reviews from Segitkeno.com above, you will definitely be more interested and can't wait to play the game, right? If so, you can directly download the game via the link that sepaktekno.com has provided below.

After you download the mod, you can immediately follow the discussion on how to install the game so you can play it immediately.

Download GTA SA Android Original for free

Below is a link that you can use to download the game. The links provided are very easy to access, making it easier for you to immediately have the game file.

Password : –

The file that you download will later contain several files such as those in the list below:

  • 2 Applications (Original Apk & Cleo Cheat Apk).
  • 1 Data (Cleo Cheat, Full Mission, Full Cutscene, Full Audio/Radio).
  • 1 Obb (All Game Data).

Download Other GTA:

How to Install Games

The file that you have downloaded will be in the form of a compressed file which requires you to extract the file. So, to carry out extraction, you can use the ZArchiver application. You can download this application for free via the Google Play Store.

After you download the ZArchiver application, you can open the application and look for the compression file that you downloaded in this article. Next, select the file and select the extract option. If so, you can continue to the installation stage below:

  • Open the extracted folder.
  • First install the GTA SA application.
    • Please select the Cleo application if you want a cheat.
    • Please choose the Original one if you want to play without cheats.
  • Open the obb folder. Move obb to Internal Storage > Device Memory > Android > obb.
  • Open the Data folder. Move data to Internal Storage > Device Memory > Android > Data.

After you have done all the installation steps, you can immediately open the game and play it. Make sure you use a cellphone with minimum specifications of 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage for pretty good in-game performance. A cellphone with higher specifications will provide better in-game performance.

The final word

That's all for sharing the Original GTA SA Android game from sepaktekno.com. Hopefully the game can be useful and can give you the maximum playing experience. So what are you waiting for ? Just try the game and feel the excitement of playing the game.

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