√ 7 Ways to Check MNC Vision Customer Numbers

Who doesn't know MNC Vision? Yes, MNC Vision is a subscription TV service owned by the MNC company, one of the largest broadcasting companies in Indonesia. As a customer, of course you have to know how to check the MNC Vision customer number.

Knowing the customer number is certainly very important for subscription TV users, considering that all customers must make regular bill payments using that customer number.

Easy Way to Check MNC Vision Customer Numbers

In fact, viewing customer numbers on the MNC Vision service can be done in various ways that can be adjusted to suit your needs. Here are various easy ways for you to find out what the customer number of the MNC Vision service is.

1. View customer numbers via Decoder

One easy way to find out MNC Vision customer numbers is from the decoder. A decoder is a tool used to capture certain data signals which will enable customers to access the various television and radio channels they want.

To find out the customer ID or number, you can immediately look at the decoder section. This is because generally, each decoder will have a barcode installed containing the number of each MNC Vision customer.

The customer ID also takes the form of a unique code and number on the body and box of the decoder device. Make sure there is a sticker attached and displays complete information, including customer ID and call center services.

2. Check customer ID via email

One easy way to check MNC Vision customer numbers is by contacting the call center via email. The method is also very easy, namely by writing a message in an email to the MNC Vision call center to check the customer ID.

Apart from that, you can also check the customer ID number via the email that came in during initial registration. If you haven't deleted the email, a message will definitely appear containing the 10-digit MNC Vision customer number.

This is different if the registration email is no longer available or deleted, then you can send a request to check the customer number via the MNC Vision call center. You may be asked to show some additional verification data for further checking.

3. How to check user numbers from SMS

Checking the MNC Vision user number or customer ID can also be done via SMS. This can be done if you forget the customer number but still have difficulty checking it via decoder or email.

The method is actually not too different from email, namely looking back at the message inbox on your cellphone. However, the condition is that the number used for the subscription must be installed on the cellphone and of course the message is still saved.

If not, of course you will have difficulty using this method of checking MNC Vision customer numbers. To find out the customer number from this SMS, look again for the notification that came from MNC Play regarding the user ID in the form of several digits.

4. Know the user's number by phone

You can also use the telephone service to find out what MNC Vision customer numbers are. This method is considered easy and practical because the telephone hotline can be used directly and is easily accessed at any time.

Through this channel, you can immediately find out the customer ID number quickly. Moreover, MNC Vision provides a call center service that operates 24 hours non-stop. Following are the steps you can take to view MNC Vision customer numbers by telephone.

  • Open the cellphone and call the call center number listed, namely (021) 21 500 900
  • Continue the process of checking the customer number by informing the CS on duty that you want to know the customer ID.
  • Also provide logical reasons so that checking can be helped.
  • Apart from that, make sure you also provide the requested data in full, such as the customer's name, telephone number and email address. The goal is so that the verification process can run according to procedures.
  • If necessary, also inform us if you have difficulty using the method of checking MNC Vision customer numbers in the decoder section.
  • Wait a few moments until the MNC Vision call center responds and checks your ID number as a customer.

5. View MNC Vision customer ID via WhatsApp

Finding out what the MNC Vision subscription number is can also be done directly via WhatsApp. Especially if it turns out that the MNC Vision decoder part is no longer clearly visible so you cannot find out the ID number directly.

Therefore, MNC Vision provides interactive services from providers using the WhatsApp application as media. To find out more complete customer numbers through this service, here is a tutorial that you can run.

  • Open the WhatsApp application and call the MNC Vision interactive WhatsApp number, namely 0895 3215 00686 (wa.me/62895321500686)
  • Inform your purpose of contacting this channel, namely asking to check the MNC Vision customer number
  • You can also inform us if you have tried several ways to check MNC Vision customer numbers, but are still having difficulty.
  • Generally you will also be asked to complete some data for further checking, including name, telephone number, email, and so on.
  • Wait a few moments until the MNC Vision service responds to your request regarding the required customer number. Don't forget to check again and save the customer number for later.

6. Know the customer ID via live chat

Finding out what the MNC Vision customer ID number is can also be done via the call center on the live chat channel. This interactive service is also fairly easy to use, and the answer you want can even be answered immediately by customer service. Here are ways that can be done.

  • Visit the MNC Vision website via the page https://MNCvision.id/contact-us
  • In the bottom right corner, click “Let's Chat”
  • Enter your name, email, telephone number, as well as your message or complaint regarding the MNC Vision customer number
  • Wait a few moments to get a response
  • If you don't get a response immediately because you're offline, generally you will be contacted via email or other channels.

7. Look at the payment receipt to find out the MNC Vision ID

Another easy way that you can find out the MNC Vision customer ID number is to look at the payment receipt that was previously obtained as proof of subscription payment. First check the receipts from previous months as proof of transactions.

From the physical or digital payment receipt obtained, you can see the complete customer number with the nominal amount and date of payment. In fact, MNC Vision will also provide customer ID number information through routine bills every month.

These are several ways to check MNC Vision customer numbers that you can do easily. So, which method do you often use?

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