√ 7 Applications for Online Sales, Turnover Millions Per Month!

There are actually many applications for online selling, but we will try applications that have a large market potential. Especially if you want to get abundant turnover and there are lots of features in it. As long as there is a large market, of course the sales value that you will get can become a mainstay of your income.

Trying new markets now can also be one of the things that can be evaluated to get a larger and more targeted market share. Don't choose the wrong application platform for online sales. This will determine how much market share you will get if you use the right online sales application.

Especially in choosing a platform, of course the most basic thing must be in accordance with the product you are going to offer. Don't let yourself use several types of platforms that are not suitable for your product. In the world of digital marketing strategy, understanding several suitable applications is very necessary in promoting products, both goods and services. Below we will recommend several applications that can be used for selling online, with various easiest methods.

7 Applications for Online Sales

Of the several applications for online selling that we will share this time, you should first research which one suits your product and is the most comfortable for you to use. Don't let it have a bad impact on the product you are going to offer.

1. Shopee

Shopee has many advantages as an application for online selling. Through several things, currently there have been many updates, as well as various types of features in it. Apart from that, there are also several security features that can provide a sense of comfort to users, both sellers and buyers.

Shopee is only an intermediary and only acts as a market. So the main function and role of Shopee is to be a meeting place between sellers and buyers. Financial transactions are clearly safe, because Shopee will be responsible for this. Then in terms of existing products, Shopee contains various shops and products. There are millions of products on Shopee. And the market for this application is also quite large.

Moreover, with several features that can make sellers and buyers feel comfortable and benefit from each other. For example, in terms of buyers, there are various types of vouchers, both new arrivals and old buyers and loyal Shopee users. You just create a Shopee account then sell your products.

At Shopee itself there is also affiliate marketing. With this functionality, your product will be able to be promoted by content creators and affiliates of figures who use this system. With this concept, there will also be various elements of buyers and marketers who will promote your product. This will be even better. Because optimization in this application is also quite easy.

The most important thing is to use real products and also some real photos too. This will help meetings between sellers and buyers go faster.

2. Tokopedia

The second application is Tokopedia. This second application for online sales also has many advantages. Even the Shopee application is no less. Tokopedia also has a large market, especially if your product is a technology-themed product. Usually it will be included in Tokopedia. Then in terms of the application itself, it is a local application and is currently also collaborating with TikTok Shop. So with this collaboration concept, Tokopedia's name is once again raised.

On Tokopedia there are also various options related to product sales. And this can make it easier for MSMEs and SMEs who are in villages and want to go online for their marketing. Just register as a seller account, and sell directly on your account.

3. Bukalapak

Just like Tokopedia and Shopee, Bukalapak used to be good. But now because there are competitors who are certainly better. Then from Bukalapak's perspective, it also provides several features that can make buyers and sellers feel the benefits.

Bukalapak, although currently it has not yet communicated the various types of commodities it contains. Then from the current perspective there are also many calculations related to some of the most basic things. Starting from easy registration as a seller and partner.

4. Akulaku

On this platform, you can sell goods using pay later. The Akulaku application really prioritizes this feature. In fact, from the popularity of this application, buy now pay later for all its products. And installments up to 1 year can make it easy for people to access all the products in it.

This Akulaku is financing, and you can sell goods here. With a system that will later be used by Akulaku. However, payment for your product is clear in cash. To use, you should use the Akulaku Seller application.

5. Lazada

Here you can also sell various kinds of goods and products. You can sell items easily. Even Lazada itself has quite a lot of users. Moreover, with the COD priority level, everyone can shop easily for the products you offer.

6. TikTok Shop

Previously it was closed several months ago, but now it is open again with a newer and fresher system. This can allow you to sell various kinds of products. You can also use its partner, namely Tokopedia. The market share on this platform clearly reaches millions of people. You can insert content with products, or indeed with direct advertising.

7. Flatten

This clearly includes digital products, both goods and services. With these steps, of course you are the only one selling digital products. For example, with ebooks and other digital services. There are also various kinds of products and services, so you can use promotions on this platform more freely.

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